Warm Times Cold War

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  • Created Nov 5 '11
  • Last Post Aug 22 '14 at 3:29pm
  • Status Running
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Warm Times, Cold War
The Shar Wars are over and the cities of the free people have triumphed over the tyranny of Black Rock, a militant nation of lizard kind, and peace has spread across the land for over thirty years. Nations are being established, rebuilt and becoming prosperous at an alarming rate. Even the defeated lizard kind have opened their borders to trade and reconciled with their former slaves.

While there is relative peace across Sierria the forces of good and evil do not rest idle. Plots, conspiracies and paranoia run rampant in the undertones of all civilizations. The two considerable powerhouse nations work together on the surface and vie for leverage in secret. Will the free peoples of Glacia be able to safe guard their own and sway the lizard kind of Black Rock to a more peaceful existence or will the honor and might of the greatest military nation rise again to crush Glacia?

Sierria is a content of the world of Eathom a home brew material plane which lays between Grey Hawk and Fearun. I have been developing this world for over 10 years and it has been the setting for more games then I can remember run by myself and other GM's who helped build and develop the vast depths of this realm. You can find out more [Here] in the Lore section of Sierria.

Characters will be called on by Black Rock or Glacia to participate in some fashion in the cold war.

My mission statement:
I will check in on this game at least once every day without failure except when family emergencies and holidays prevent me from internet access.
I will continue to write and run this game until all other vested peoples are no longer interested in playing and then I will find new vested peoples to continue.
I will to the utmost of my talents and ability always seek to provide a fun, intense, and enjoyable game for my players.

Questions, comment and more about me can be found [Here] in the About the GM section. Please post all comments to and about me not related to character creation there.

Disclaimer: This game is rated M for Mature. There will be blood, gore, drinking, drugs, sex, morality challenges and fictional religious and nationality strife. No content will be explicit however and will be written tastefully. All content is a work of fiction and if you cannot take it as such without being offended please find another game.

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