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MeThe Chronicles of Daeron (COD) Introduction:

Greetings potential players! Daeron is the name I have given the Earth of my imagination. I have run this setting for my local gaming group for many years now and I have decided for many reasons to expose the setting to a larger audience.

Just so you’ll know, I have played D&D since before it had that name and in every incarnation since then. Truly, I would say I preferred something close to 2nd edition but I try to stay current so I am sure I’ll be into 5th edition when it comes out. For now I’ll run using the 4th edition rules as a guiding framework. I have a campaign goals/guidelines thread and a house rules thread within the game forum which I am sure is incomplete and will grow so please bear with me. You should absolutely read these threads before you try to create a character.

My gaming philosophy is probably “open” if such a term can be applied. I enjoy D&D (or any RPG) as a narrative art form rather than as a rules set per se. The rules are viewed by me as guidelines or a framework rather than absolutes. The spirit of the law always trumps the letter of the law.

The Campaign will start within a human country that has a culture very similar to Medieval France. The names of people and places will have a familiar French sound to them at least in my estimation. The nation itself is named, Ethon. I will discuss the playable races here briefly.

At least 5 other types of human cultures interact with the Ethoni all the time. The Ethoni are now mixed in with their emancipators, the Haenish culture from the South, which corresponds roughly to Germanic European with a great many departures.

The Targ culture to the West is the progenitor culture for the Ethoni, and has its closest analog in the Greek culture of Europe. The Targs have recently undergone a burst of monotheism and that religion has spread to Ethon.

The Omp or gypsy culture is closely related to the Targs from which they came. They are nomadic as might be expected and mix freely with both Targs and Ethoni as well as other cultures across the continent.

The Crizolian empire is a decadent sorcerous magocracy from across the sea to the North. They have fled Ethon and Targon after close to 150 years of occupation. The Haens were instrumental in freeing the other races of humanity but are still seen by those races as barbaric and warlike. The Crizolians correspond best to the Selucids or the Persians but you’d have to make those folks demon summoners …

The Wheem are a tribal, nomadic, barbaric, and petty sorcerous people that give everyone else trouble, even the Crizolians. They do come in hordes but also in small raiding camps of nomadic bandits. Everyone hates them and most societies attempt to eradicate them. In general, Wheem worship demons. They tend to be horsemen. I don’t know a good match for their culture on our world unless, at a big stretch, the Mongols.

Dwarves and Halflings are mixed in with the Ethoni and the Targs and have been for many centuries.

It is exceedingly rare but possible to run across a half-breed of fey or naugrim (orc) stock. Humanity has had nothing but war from the fey of any court and the naugrim fight everyone. As such either of these races, while playable, must endeavor at all times to hide their bloodlines. The skill Bluff would be almost mandatory. I do not recommend you play these races unless you strongly desire the challenge this will impose upon you. Be mindful that this will also impose a challenge on your group.

Its been 4 years since the war of faiths. The “Bright North” of Ethon has weathered worse conflict but none so stirring to the hearts of each combatant. The “Dark South” has been put off martially and the people of the North, including your thriving port city of Embourg are now free to worship the one god if they wish. The simple piety of a common man is now a revered and sacred symbol alongside the many old icons of the Grand Dance.

Duke Renogam Axphaster III, the oft-named King of the North, a wiley man of distinction from his famed days of the rebellion, has just done the unthinkable. With Jean Clement, one of the “Enlightened 5” living in his city and nigh on the heels of the great success of the war of faiths, Renogam has issued the Proclamation of Open Faith. The people of the duchy are free to proclaim themselves a member of the faith of the one god, to worship the deities of the Grand Dance in fine Ethoni tradition, or even to follow the Haens in their worship of hero gods. The zealots of the one god are stunned by this setback despite the fact that the proclamation protects their faith as well.

The city of Embourg, once only a glorified fishing village on the NorthWest shores of the Broken Sea, now almost thirty years after the rebellion from Crizolian imperial oppression, is at last beginning to stretch its legs. Mercantile efforts are everywhere and imperial raids haven’t been seen or heard of in years. Even the tide of pro-rebellion armies to aid the Targs to the north and west has lessened, with the Crizolian city-state of Avatya in flames and all but secured in Targ hands.

Travelers of all kinds traffic the roads and, rather than fear, a new hope is seen from comings and goings at the Great Tunnel. The port of Embourg has been mostly rebuilt though few ships yet grace its cleats. The Haenish sheriffs, the low elite, have brought much order to the rural areas and are accepted in the nations of the rebellion as sheriffs throughout Amdar. Yet and still, barbarian raids, at an all time low during the Crizolian occupation, are on the rise once again. Pockets of Crizolians still exist in now unsupported forts and encampments across the countryside turned to banditry and with unknown aspirations. Enterprising young men are making a name for themselves reclaiming and rebuilding old Ethon.

With Crizolian “leftovers”, Haenish and Targ “allies”, Omp gypsies, and a smattering of other races all present, the Bright North of Ethon faces the rise of a new mixed culture. Tensions are high but tempered by growth and the hopeful spirit of the age. What each person will make of it has yet to be seen …

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