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The nobleman sits at the round table and smiles at his motley crew of recruits. To those who know him, their impressions vary. Some consider him a bit of a dandy, the spoiled son of a baron and politician who has been fed his entire life with a silver spoon. Others consider him a rake, a malcontent who wastes his inheritance on gambling, wine, women and song. Yet even others consider him a libertine, a quick-witted academic who defies heritage, tradition and rank in order to unravel the wiles of the world. But all know him for his bardic and adventurous spirit.

"Thank you for coming," the nobleman says, sporting a pearly white smile. "I'm Sir Wilson Slade. I understand that you're all looking to stretch your legs and get an opportunity to adventure, maybe become heroes. Well, no need to look any further. Come with me and I'll promise you adventure, I'll promise you'll become heroes. Come with me and you'll be myths in the making."

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Myths in the Making is a D&D 3.5 serial adventure campaign that will take players and their PCs from level 1 to 20. However, since this campaign will exist in a play-by-post environment, it will be be slightly different than the adventure paths that players might be familiar with.

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