Mal Nahg: Western Reach

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  • Created Mar 15 '07
  • Last Post May 11 '16 at 5:44am
  • Status Running
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

Welcome to Mal Nahg, a homebrew campaign world which uses the D&D 3.5e game engine.

"I will tell you of the people of Mal Nahg not to rejoice in their past but to pray for their future. Mal Nahg is the birthplace of mankind...or rather, the re-birthplace of mankind. After the fall of the first human empire the future of men seemed bleak. Hunted and herded by all manner of evil, man was nearly wiped from the slate of time and yet, in the end, it was just one man that saved his kind.

Sephil, the great one, had made his stand at the base of a volcanic spire and to his aid came an ancient gold wyrm. The two united in treaty and forever after their paths were bound. Humankind began to prosper under the watchful guidance of the gold wyrms and before long their boundaries stretched to every coast in all directions.

Much happened between then and now that I will leave to the historians. What you need know is that now is a dark time. The king of Arceta, the greatest kingdom, has died. His honorable guard, the Drakken or Drakes, have been disbanded, and a terrible man has taken the throne for Arbiter and false steward to the crown. What's more, the Orcish armies amass to the west, their numbers grow as ours fracture. We need your sword now more than ever, m'lords and m'ladies. Help us, please. For if we do not make a change for today there will be no more tomorrow."

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