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  • Created Oct 14 '09
  • Last Post Yesterday at 1:24am
  • Status Running
  • System The Window

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The First Good News All DayIt happened thirty one hours ago.

It started out as a simple fleet exercise, tactical training between Odyssey and your ship, George Hammond. An easy shakedown, designed to test your crew's readiness to deploy to the Pegasus Galaxy to relieve the Daedalus.

And then, the Ori dropped out of hyperspace right in the middle of things. Odyssey engaged the mothership and ordered you to retreat to hyperspace. Just as you were about to make the jump, the Ori hit you with a full salvo. It almost destroyed the ship, but somehow the hyperdrive survived the attack. Long enough to get you moving somewhere--anywhere--at least for a little while.

By the time the ship dropped out of hyperspace on its own, power sources nearly exhausted, the survivors had managed to gather themselves in the few remaining habitable sections of the ship to take stock of the situation. Colonel Thomson: Dead. The Asgard Engineer: Dead. The list went on and on. Out of the entire crew that was aboard the ship, only ninety six survived the attack.

The ship didn't fare much better. Hyperdrive, sublight, navigation, targeting, weapons, shields, all offline. Hull badly damaged, probably more from the hyperspace trip than the Ori assault--in any event, barely safe to fly. The generators seemed to be functioning, though noone could reach Engineering to be entirely sure. The Asgard transporters were unreachable without a spacewalk due to damage, but the ring transporters were within the habitable zone. Sensors and maneuvering thrusters were the only major systems still operational.

As the ship drifted through empty space, the sensor array picked up the presence of a nearby solar system. It wasn't much, but the spectral analysis indicated the potential for a habitable planet.

Welcome to Stargate: New Journeys. The first thing on the agenda is: Survival.

This game is a takeoff of the Stargate: Universe idea. In this game, the survivors of an Ori attack has been thrown somewhere into space. The ship can barely support those who survived the attack, and death is inevitable unless a miracle occurs. And that is where this game begins: with a 'miracle'.

This is a Freeform game, which means that for the most part we won't be needing any stinking rules. To provide a little basis for comparative urges and conflict resolution, we will be using the Window, a very simple rules-lite system.
The game starts at the fringes of the Stargate canon and branches sharply from there. It's set in late 2009 following the launch of the sixth Daedalus-class ship, George Hammond (formerly Phoenix). The story arc is intended to cover the time from the attack described above until the point where the crew is rescued or perishes.
Since the George Hammond was fully crewed up until the attack, the survivors could be any member of the initial ship's complement. Officers, enlisted, and civilians are all welcome. Regarding races, the crew would be almost exclusively Tau'ri but I'm willing to consider individual exceptions.
The Window system provides a framework for defining character traits, and its Quickstart Guide is a great place to start. I'd like to see a little bit of history to explain how the character became involved in SGC and ended up assigned to the George Hammond to accompany the crunchy bits.
Post completed applications here. Feel free to put up something incomplete and edit it into final form, so long as when you do finish it you mark it COMPLETE so it's obvious to me.
This is a Freeform game. If you aren't familiar with the concept, it basically means that the players are expected to police their actions and not develop an I-can-do-anything god complex. The GM's role is to move the storyline, handle NPCs, and referee the occasional situation where players can't agree on the outcome of a particular situation.
None to speak of at this time.

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