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The Mafia's gotten into the Myth-Weavers website! What's more, they've managed to convert several of our apparently-loyal members into doing their evil bidding! Who knows what damage the Mafia could do to the internet if they manage to seize complete control of this undoubtedly-vital-to-world-security website?

All loyal Weavers must stand up and fight for their site!


It's time for a game of Mafia!

Mafia is a little different from the other games that we play here at Myth-Weavers. It isn't strictly a role-playing game, because you don't act like anyone but yourself. But it is a game that requires trust development, diplomacy, and good old-fashioned Bluff checks.

In Mafia, the players are divided into two teams (or more; see below). These are the Weavers and the Mafia.

If you are a Weaver, you don't know anyone else's Role. A Role determines your abilities, privileges, and alliance within the game. It's up to you to hunt down the Mafia scum hiding within the ranks of the other players. Be careful, though, because the Mafia players will try to trick you into killing your own! The Weavers win if all the Mafia players are dead, along with any other anti-Weaver players.

If you are a Mafia goon, you know the identity of all your other teammates, as well as their Roles! It's your job to act like a Weaver as best you can during the Day phase, to try and confuse your hapless opponents into killing one of their own! What's more, during the Night, you can communicate secretly with your teammates - and kill one of the Weavers! The Mafia wins when all the Weavers and other anti-Mafia players are dead.

Now, there may or may not be some Secret Roles in this game! These players might want the Weavers to win, or the Mafia, or another team entirely! Or they might just be out for themselves!

The game is divided into Night and Day. During the Night, Roles with special powers can use those powers to help their side: Cops can Investigate to discover the alignments of other players, Doctors can protect their fellows from being shot by the Mafia, and Mafia Goons can kill one of their enemies! Other roles might have other powers that they can use. No one can talk during the Night, except for the Mafia (and other teams, if there are any), who can speak privately in an off-site thread to prevent eavesdroppers. Once everyone has used their Night powers (or forty-eight hours have passed IRL), the game moves to Day.
During the Day, everyone can talk. This is the Weavers' chance to hunt down the Mafia by watching for suspicious behavior. Everyone gets to Vote for the person they want to see Lynched. Once one player receives a majority of votes OR the pre-set time limit has been reached, the player with the most votes will be Lynched and their identity will be revealed. The game will then move to Night phase, and the cycle begins anew.

For a more comprehensive rules description, check out this Flash program.

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