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This was originally a secret campaign site to test DM powers, but I have gotten to the point where I would want to host a campaign. There originally was no story and was practically a run-around-and-beat-them-up campaign, but Geneforge has influenced me to develop a story. I may decide to make things that look worthless at first actually be interesting, such as gemstones. I'm not trying too hard though, so don't expect much.

The original heroes of the party, Mibon Terovas, Constantine Sondar, and Sir Cornelius Slateheim, hail from the town of Ifganfi, where their ability in battle has impressed the governor of the town, Chief Itiai, enough to entrust them to wander the region with a goal: To eighty-six the robot infestation that plagues the area and be heroes.

Upon arriving in Cledance, they were welcomed warmly and with shock, both for them and the town. The denizens were amazed by their bravery to venture out in the once-peaceful lands that separated the towns. The trio themselves were appalled when the bartender of The Flying Grapevine tried to do away with the son of this town's chief. In an turnout of events, this leads to the death of Kaimur Senvets, one of the leading tycoons of the town. Before departing for another town, the party is joined with Fiona, who used to escort caravans until she was trapped here.

As of now, the party is in the larger city of Istapan, a major religious center for Heironeous, and a major site for a civil conflict. Led by a dwarf in the north side of the town by the name of Fissel Oblit, an amazingly large portion of the town is raring to go against the governor of the town, Chief Anarlson, based merely on the fact that he was only appointed governor just some time before the region was invaded by the robots. The party has a tour guide by the name of Haphion Terrus, a quest to kill an elephant, a new member, Tobias Vauxhall, a Favored Soul sent to lend his aid for the party's cause, and no idea which side to support. One day, Constantine mysteriously vanishes.

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