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    Canada. That's it, that's all you need to know.
    Unskilled Labour, yo!
    Here's how I interpret the classes. Not all traits are required to be one (they're templates). The description of each class allows each to be of any ethical or moral 'alignment' (if you're still using alignments; but then, by god, why?!).

    ROGUE (free spirited)

    Tenacity - 2
    Stress - 1
    Passion - 3

    They're the most creative, always picking up new interests and dropping others. Rogues have mysterious personalities, and either dominate social situations or fade entirely into the background. Many prefer to manipulate behind the scenes. They also enjoy pranks. They're easily overwhelmed by dilemnas.

    WARRIOR (tough)

    Tenacity - 3
    Stress - 2
    Passion - 1

    Warriors are either completely honest or entirely slacking and proud of it. They're very certain of themselves, and can be loud opinionaters. Since it's possible to learn everything about the first time through, they make fast friends and fast enemies. When it comes to interests, they generally pick only one or two and stick to them as much and for as long as possible. Either fearless fighters or fanatical peace keepers, they believe that if you aren't commited and trying to be as resolute about something as possible, then you aren't truly 'of' that group or interest. Grow up strong willed.

    MAGIC-USER (ambitious)

    Tenacity - 1
    Stress - 4
    Passion - 1

    Magic-users prefer to pursue a variety of things in life. Above all, they tend to value themselves based on how successful they are in their lives - most of this success has to do with finance. They tend to approach helping others with a great degree of logic and tend to balk whenever there's emotional friction or conflict. When giving advice, they tend to repeat themselves. They're fans of methodology, and aren't afraid to commit to what it takes to succeed. Similar to warriors, they have trouble making up their minds if either decision is a good one, but cope easily with dilemnas. They're the best at handling busy work, whereas warriors are a little more distracted by thrills. Magic-users are prone to workaholism and undue amounts of self-induced stress - which they can easily blow off, but often fail to notice, since their logical approach to life can harm their self awareness.

    CLERIC (trustee) -

    Tenacity - 3
    Stress - 0
    Passion - 3

    Clerics tend to be the most supportive of others. They value themselves based on the help they can offer, or the influence they can have over other people. Clerics prefer to have large circles of friends, and are happy when others trust them. Clerics make some of the best leaders and advice givers. They're the best at coping with trauma. They enjoy nature and simpler lifestyles. They always look for internal meaning, and think outside the box. Ever patient, they don't mind the slow approach and aren't overly craving the reward like a Magic-user or warrior would. Clerics generally understand that happiness itself (either from others, or just themselves) can be the greatest reward of all. They're often fascinated with subjects such as psychology and history. Clerics hate and fear loss of control, which causes them stress (not many things do), and removes any advantage they can bring.


    None of the stats have to do with tangible things like intelligence, depth perception, the amount of times you can be stabbed in the kidney before losing function in that kidney, strength, etc.

    Instead, they define how you approach life, and how you learn.

    Passion - Passion is self awareness and ability to adapt to the chaos of information. High amounts of passion awaken a curiosity in a great many things. Passion also helps you make decisions, look inside yourself, know what to do by instinct, etc. Negatively, you might (in your youth) be overly hyper active or craving of stimulation, or overly concerned about self-image (even later on).

    Stress - The ability to absorb stress and simply keep doing what you're doing. In our modern society, many may associate this with work ethic or intelligence. Negatively, you might be boring.

    Tenacity - Coping when conflict arises and having the confidence to tackle those conflicting situations. Negatively, you might seem like a jerk to other people.
    Video games (Mostly RTS and FPS; RPGs come and go, and the only fighter I've really played is SFIV/SSFIV), watching lets plays and reviews, novels (every once in a while), and 'tabletop' game design.

    Used to do martial arts (messed up my body, so I quit), and I don't mind talking about that either.
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    If my post comes across as angry/ aggressive/ offensive/ whatever, it is not intended as such. At worst, it is merely incredulity, conveyed through the inflexible format of an internet forum.Don't flatter yourself thinking anything to the contrary.


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