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    Not an Island
    A few details:
    I work with money but not with cash.
    I have dark hair and green eyes.
    I own my house and wear nice shoes.
    To keep this relevant: I like role playing and usually play d&d. Not because its the best system, but because I those I enjoy playing with most use it. I believe a good GM can use any system. I GM in RL, I enjoy it because NPCs are less work than PCs to put together and you can setup all their interactions in a world that will make them meaningful. I also enjoy incorporating PCs into my worlds, at least those who want to be. I like to play rough because its how I learned to roleplay, and to me without consequences choices quickly loose their meaning. I enjoy being a player more online, it requires less work from me and I can get thoroughly invested in one character and play off other good storytellers.
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    Posting Slow - House flooded and short staff at work, so Iím a lil extra busy.


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