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    UK, hertfordshire
    Uni student/Player/Gamer/soon to be Software Tester
    So, 22 years in the making and am still just as me as I'll ever be ^^ My favourite games are both 2e and 3e of Mutants and Masterminds (M&M), Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (DnD) and Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM).

    I enjoy making characters and am a fairly decent player. I have a strong connection with the dragon-based characters, so almost all my DnD characters have at least a passing mention of Dragons, to being a dragon-based character straight up.
    My M&M based characters vary quite a lot, but I tend to keep a martial arts-based theme going on.
    My characters mainly are about helping others, or hurting the bad guys.

    Some random tibits about myself?

    Music I like:
    Evanessence, Linkin Park, Sum 41, Michael Jackson and, recently Nightwish. I believe songs from various games and Animes counts as well, so include Devil May Cry (both game and Anime's), Metal Gear solid, Legendz, Naruto and a few others here and there.

    Anime/Manga/Comics I like:
    Naruto (Both), (Proper) One Piece, Dragon Quest: Yuusha Abel Densetsu, Dragon Ball (& Z), Looking For Group and some other stuff.
    Gaming, Anime, Manga, some books, DnD and a variety of other things but lets not go into detail ;)

    Currently Hooked on The following:
    D20: Mutants and Masterminds, 3.5 (Base and Forgotten Realms),
    Animes: Naruto Shippuden, Legendz, One piece, Gundam (many series)
    Games: Halo, Resident Evil, Dynasty Warriors
  • PF - One Piece
  • Kumaro Akimichi
  • pf - Kumaro Altiair
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    United Kingdom
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    Current Status: Like Usual: (Why isn't there enough hours in the weekend and/or out-of-office hours?)


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