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    I hail from a small burg on the eastern end of Lake Ontario called Kingston, and fifteen years ago I packed all my belongings in a small white truck and struck out west to the gleaming metropolis of Toronto at the other end of the lake.

    I am a singer, songwriter and bass player, and have played in touring bands for nearly 25 years; I've even recorded several albums you've never heard.

    I spent the better part of the last decade administering online content for the biggest newspaper publishing group in the country, but suddenly found myself at loose ends after that little hiccup in the economy a few years ago. I've since upgraded and now have a job I really enjoy at a company called Momentum administering the Mercedes-Benz Canada website.

    I've gamed a lot in my life, but it's been so long that I am practically a beginner again. I've played most of the computer RPGs that have come down the pipe over the ensuing years, but got bored with the constant emphasis on action and the lack of traditional, strategic role-playing experience of old.

    Anyway, now in the twilight of the first phase of my life before middle-age, I've come here to seek like minded people and see if we can re-create some of that magic I remember.
    Musician, songwriter, audiophile, fiction writer, automobile enthusiast.


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