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    Telling people about the things you like I think speaks volumes about the person. Lists make things pretty simple and I like the organization. So below is a list of stuff I like that will hopefully provide insight into me (for those who are curious).

    * Calvin & Hobbes (my favorite comic ever)
    * Shawshank Redemption, Monsters Inc., UP, Empire Strikes Back, Rudy, Rear Window, Finding Neverland, October Sky, and The Sea Inside (some of my favorite movies)
    * Firefly (favorite TV show ever, too bad it was over way before it should have been)
    * James Stewart, Ian McKellen, Nathan Fillion, and Johnny Depp (favorite actors)
    * Reese Witherspoon, BelÚn Rueda, Summer Glau, and Grace Kelly (favorite actresses)
    * A Song of Ice and Fire Series and Crime and Punishment (favorite books)
    * Swimming (my favorite sport)
    * The Swell Season, D.C.F.C., The Decemberists, The Killers, Damien Rice, David Gray, Green Day (favorite singers and bands)
    * Will add more later...
    I like to draw, paint, and write. When I get into books it is hard for me to stop reading but I have long dry periods between books lately.
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