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    Hmm... about myself? I really don't know what to say. I love gaming, telling stories, writing and role play... I like to think I'm very creative. I try to tell stories differently, though, and it shows through my DMing I think. I use multimedia, as my players will know, in an attempt to replicate the PnP practice of using 'props'. I will post pictures, maps, scans of old burnt scrolls and even music or recordings to add to the immersion.
    I've created my own world, the planet of Caran Blaid, on which lies the island of Edda, the setting of my Heroes of Legend campaign. I hope to some day publish a novel set in Edda, if I can ever get any good ideas, and also a campaign setting.
    That's the problem with my writing, I think. I can write good prose (IMHO) and I believe I am creative. I've written detailed histories of each kingdom and realm, 'translated' ancient scrolls of the residents, devised calendars and several religions, yet I often have trouble coming up with a story to write about. That's the good thing about D&D, I guess. I just give a few snippits, and the players make it into a story.
    Hmm? Where did the title of Archmage Ested come from? Ested is a wizard in Edda, who lives north of the town of Oxenbourne, the starting setting of Heroes of Legend. He is, I guess, rather sterotypical, but he does have some unique parts. He is forgetful (cliched) and can be rather cold. He once burned an entire nest of lizardmen eggs, and though it was a terrible thing, he knew it must be done, lest more men die.
    Well, I think I've rambled just about enough. G'day!
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