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    College level edumacation, first year Sixth Form.
    Oh, hello. I'm Schemilix - unless I state otherwise, you can go ahead and call me Schem. I hail from the south of England and still insist that the United Kingdom is not a country, it's an alliance. (But not much of one.)
    I was born in '93, so I'm a young whippersnapper. As for the good bits, I got into roleplaying at an early age like most kids, but we didn't call it that back then. I just happened to be one of the tykes that never grew out of it and learned the art of sticking it on paper, or more, online. Like most people starved of decent RP, I frequented the Neoboards, and still do on dull days. My neopets handle is Valdagion (I have been banned many times), so if you add me there I might get back to you - one day.
    As for the dice. As a fledgeling geek, I felt it my duty to have a go, and, to be honest, I was fascinated to see how roleplaying could go along with numerical stats, tests, and rolling. It took me years though before I actually found a way, and that way was through Ikul, whom I questioned. Eventually that led me to a little niche site where I made my first stat-bound character, Elisrael. Though that campaign never got off the ground I'm now happily awaiting the start of my second (and first that appears to actually be going anywhere), with the sweetheart Lucki. In fact, Ikul led me here too, so if I annoy you, go ahead and blame him for it.
    As for the rest of my life, I'm as boring as any other human bein'. But, you can ask if you want. I won't bite, because we're over the internet, and I can't.
    As you might be able to tell, I'm fond of roleplaying. I guess you could say my I have a skill of Roleplaying 4(6), spec. PbP. I also do what can only be called LARP on occasion with a couple of close friends. No costume or props, just a good mix of acting, storytelling and goofing off - I recommend trying it. I picked up the dice recently and am currently bemoaning the severe lack of any d6s, d20s or d-anything around my local area. But what can ya do?
    I also write, mainly original, though I can be coaxed into a fanfiction or two (literally, I've written perhaps three?) if sufficiently inspired. I write more because I have to than for any sort of benefit, not that any benefit would go amiss, but really. You're kidding me.
    Similarly, I also like to draw from time to time, usually sketches of my characters, concepts, etc. I write poetry, too, and I like to say it's not 'that emo crap', even if it's probably not the greatest thing in the world. No speciality there - open, metre, lyric, it really depends on my mood.
    It all ties in neatly - I roleplay my stories usually, and draw of them, and write poems from time to time. It's a nice ol' circle o' love.
    If you're interested, you could go to, or PM me, or whatever you like. Actually, feel free to PM me anyway, in a sad little way it makes me feel loved. My MSN and AIM contact details are there for a reason too, folks (you might even be able to coax me into a spot of tea- I mean RP). Thanks for readin'!
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