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    Freelance writer and editor in the RPG industry
    In my sophomore year of high school I was introduced to the “Red” (Basic) and “Blue” (Expert) boxed sets that made up some game called Dungeons & Dragons. Even after losing all my weapons to the first creature I encountered (a rust monster), I knew I was hooked. Every other boxed RPG from TSR’s heyday (Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Conan, Indiana Jones, Gangbusters, Boot Hill, etc., etc.) soon followed.

    My original foray into writing for the RPG industry was significantly less than successful. My first “big break” was an article I wrote for the Indiana Jones game by TSR which ended up being slated for Dragon magazine. Unfortunately, TSR lost the Indiana Jones license before my article could be published (creating what would become the “Diana Jones” award in the process, but that’s another story…). The then editor of Dragon magazine, Roger Moore, sent me a slew of IJ modules as a consolation prize (which I would have bought with the proceeds from the article anyway), so I was thrilled. Thanks, Roger!

    When college came, I didn’t have the time to do any recreational writing, so fast forward ten years, past three degrees, two jobs, a marriage, and a kid. I started writing as a hobby again while my wife was pregnant with our second child – mostly entering small contests and the like. I won several writing contests through d20Zine, an electronic periodical published by Steve Creech of Bastion Press to whom I have immense gratitude for all the nifty gaming prizes he sent me during the (second) early phase of my writing efforts.

    One of the goals I had set for myself was to write and get published an expansion for one of my favorite campaign settings. Among the many settings I use in my campaign, I thought Fast Forward Entertainment’s Dungeon World was quite innovative. After reading the original hardcover books on the setting, I wrote an expansion that added information on languages, magic, new races, new organizations, and several other aspects I thought would make a good fit for the setting. Fast Forward liked it and it became my first magazine article, published in print, in Games Unplugged #26.

    Since that time, I've been fortunate enough to work for Sword & Sorcery Studios, Expeditious Retreat Press, Adamant Entertainment, Ronin Arts, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Zeitgeist Games, Seraphim Guard, Bards And Sages, Dark Quest Games, and E.N. Publishing, among others. The rest of the story is still evolving…
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    Check out some of my latest writing projects: Mor Aldenn Setting Guide for Pathfinder, Azagar's Book Of Rituals, Super Teams Super Bases, and Girl Friday Advanced Class.


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