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    In between light and darkness.
    I was introduced to AD&D Second Edition as a Freshman in high school. My first thought was: this game would be great in a Sci Fi setting! Over the years, I've gamed on and off, though the love for gaming has never left me.

    I love running games, and my latest project has been a D20 Future setting. My intentions were to incorporate as much as I could into a futuristic setting: high technology (including FTL drives, gravimetrics and matter replication), fantastical creatures (alien civilizations include the elves, yuan-ti, illithid, abeil, formians...), as well as psionics, arcane magic and divine magic. Throw in some cybernetics and mecha, and you've got what I call the "Starlense" setting.

    I currently play a bit of Warhammer, which I really enjoy (I run an Asrai army). Getting people to role play, especially on a regular basis, seems to be impossible these days, so I'm hoping to set up and run a game through this forum.

    Looking forward to it!
    Science fiction and fantasy, role playing, and of course Warhammer.
    United States


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