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    Logistics Analyst
    Had/have lots of physical hobbies (see below) which I go through in phases, but my one constant hobby is of course gaming, both computer and table. It is the one and only hobby (besides watching tv) which I have never lost interest in and probably never will. I have been gaming for 20+ yrs now and will probably die with dice in my hand (hopefully at a ripe old age).
    Roleplaying games to include: D&D (all editions), White Wolf (old d10 style), Heroes, Star Wars (d6 style), Rifts, Marvel, D.C., Battletech (old school).

    Reading books: Almost all exclusively fantasy with a dash of science fiction thrown well over 500+ books I would guess.

    Board games of nearly any type to include: Empires in Arms (EIA), Axis & Alies, Risk, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, and just about any other strategy or semi-strategy board game.

    Computer games: WoW, NWN2, Age of Empires, Starcraft, MoO, Civilization, Galactic Civilizations II, and many other RPG or strategy wargames.

    Watching movies of all types, but prefer sci-fi and comedy.

    Fav tv shows: Buffy, Angel, Alias, Mutant X, Forever Knight, you get the picture...

    As far as physical/outdoor activities, I enjoy: scuba diving, flying (private planes), horseback riding, sky diving, tennis, running, NRA Match Rifle competitions, soccer, martial arts, gymnastics, SCA heavy weapon "sword and board" fighting as well as "pokey pokey" fencing. I honestly don't have time for most of these physical activities anymore, but I have done all of the above and go through phases where I get back into them now and again. When it comes to non-gaming activities, I kinda consider myself a bard i.e. a "jack of all trades, master of none" type of guy who dabbles in a bit of everything. The 2 things I have yet to do which I really want to is bungee jumping and skiing.
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