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    Started doing PnP in ‘76 with the precursor to D&D, the little beige books. In the 35 years since I’ve played/run a plethora of games and gaming systems, ranging from the silliness of Paranoia to the intensity of Cthulu.

    As I’ve grown older, my tastes have changed and the ratio of RP to mechanics has shifted. In my youth, I loved the rules and would dive into a hearty debate about some rule or another with gusto. These days I’m happy in a campaign where we fight once every 3-4 sessions, there’s a passing acquaintance with the rules, and the rules in no way inhibit what we want to do, they’re just a guideline to help us define reality when there’s a question.

    I love RP-heavy games. Examples of genres I enjoy are Vampires, Cyberpunk, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Serenity, though I’ll play anything if the story’s good. I’d KILL for a Dresden game, and I’d even run it if I had to.

    I also tend to run characters that are actually deep vs superficially so. For example, I don't need my toon to be the long-lost scion of some ancient empire who's secretly also a jedi and the last of a race of immortals for my character to be complex. I find just as much complexity in the old barkeep who says little and seems to always be tending bar at all hours without anyone knowing why. Simple is often better :)

    I tend to prefer face-to-face organic games vs online/chat-based ones but will take what I can get. I like having my players around me, using their energy to build the story. However, I also love having a site with a forum that allows us to fill in gaps, have “asides” and such, without taking play time. It allows us to stay in touch with the campaign between session.

    Overall, as long as I've got a good group of people, the medium in which we play tends to be moot.
    My kids, RPG's, CRPG's, MMO's, some TV (not much), many books, many more movies.
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