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    Seattle, WA
    Part Time Deli Clerk, All Time Nerd
    A Medievalist recently returned to the US of A, I have a long running love affair with Celtic and Norse mythology, an embarrassing love of silly movies and shows and am a massive gamer/anime geek. I've been playing D&D on and off for somewhere around 10-12 years now, and greatly enjoy both DMing and playing. My favorite settings are Planescape and Dragonlance, though I've mostly played in Greyhawk, Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms over the course of my gaming career with a smattering of Eberron in there. More recently I've been heavily playing Pathfinder with an occasionally foray back into 3.5e, Shadowrun and L5R. Dabbling 5e a bit but not entirely sold on it.

    I'm currently doing part time work after just finishing a Masters by Research in Edinburgh and working on a certification in Paralegal. My particular focus in my research is Celtic and Norse influences on Anglo-Saxon art and Literature, particularly imagery and poetic structures.
    - Writing
    - D&D
    - Gaming
    - Reading
    - Translating Old English/Old Norse/Old Irish/Middle Welsh Battle Poetry
    - Watching terrible movies and blogging about them.
    - Archaeology/History
    - Tokusatu shows and Kaiju flicks
    - Star Trek
    - Star Wars
  • Vantri Balerion
  • Frederick 'The Dragon' Dantes
  • Drake
  • Deorhild Wulfdottir
  • Sath Tamadhur
  • Kitworr
  • Rowan Shadowsong
  • Maggie Grant
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    United States
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    "Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve your ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon"


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