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    Bellingham, Washington, USA
    Hey there everyone! I'm a 20 year old college student majoring in American Cultural Studies at Western Washington University in Bellingham. When I was probably 10 or 12 I was watching the Dungeons & Dragons episode of Dexter's Laboratory with my dad and I asked him if a game like that actually existed. He said it did and that he used to play and, being the kind of guy he is, he instantly went to searching for his old books. We started playing classic D&D for a while before he came upon the 3rd edition books and we eventually got involved in "official play." Since then I've tested the waters of a handful of systems. Currently I've been putting most of my energy into Mutants & Masterminds 3e but I am looking into Pathfinder, Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, World of Darkness, Iron heroes, Shadowrun, Spycraft, and maybe others to spread into. I've been dabbling in Play by Post over on but wanted to check out sites with more than just M&M games. Leaving home for college I left behind my gaming community, but forum play has been a great way to fit my favorite hobby back into my busy college schedule. Glad to be here! I hope to make magical gaming memories with you all!
    I've been moseying my way through the Fables comic book series, dabbling in Doctor Who, running around town to get some exercise and cause mischief, establishing myself as a drag queen (drag name: Wilma Cherrypop), and getting myself well versed in all that social justice us college students are always so crazy about. I also like to write, eat delicious vegetarian cuisine, dance in my underwear, read fairy tales, play boardgames, win at scrabble, color, and download more music than I can actually listen to at a halfway efficient pace. I'm good at doing things in short bursts over an extended time and not finishing my little personal projects.
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    "Everything is only temporarily not a rock."


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