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    hello all. ive been into DnD for 7+ years. most of my experience has been table top, though for a short period of time i was involved with the mass pbmb site Years back. my older brother bought the books and got me interested in the game. when he was done with them he gave them all (and most of his dice) to me.

    for the last few years ive been attempting to put together my own groups, but not succeeding overly well. for a few months i was involved with a group of guys who actually met up regularly and we ran a campain that got from level 2 to 6....but being it was an evil campaign it got bloodly quick and interest was lost. i hear they still continue playing, but i lost taste of the style of play they had and the way they treated me and each other. ive been in a couple other groups that have gotten a decent way through an adventure, but never fully finished much.

    i have a LOT of experience building characters in DnD alone, but also have severe experience in other rpgs. i mostly prefer heavy magic characters, but do enjoy other characters as well. i am most fond of sorcerers specifically, but again ive done most types of classes. im still working on the roll playing and slipping into character aspect because i have most experience planning out a character (almost too much) and focus a LOT on end result rather than the journey (working on this, but as many years of D2 as ive got makes it hard to just stop my old thinking ways)

    i am open to opinions, and want to become a GM myself. ive read through the players handbook and dungeon masters guide (3.5e) but am planning on going through them another time for full comprehension. its a LOT of info to absorb in one read for even the best comprehensive readers. (for example i still remember in very good detail what happened in the narnia series, wrinkle in time series, his dark materials series and harry potter after reading them only once many years ago)

    as a conclusion atm i am looking for some 3.5e games that are fairly basic to roll into a GM's style and hopefully acquire my own personal style. i would very much like to hear suggestions from current and much more experienced GM's on what they find helps keep a group together, and how to get a group to commit a portion of their time once a week/every other week. also would like to bounce some ideas Ive had with GM's who might have tried them, or would be interested in new things to do, and potentially get a good system for creating adventures/worlds/campaigns/NPCs/DCs
    gaming (mostly video games, but love board games as well)
    - i play a lot of D2 and DDO currently. Also play a lot of halo: reach, dungeon defenders, and other steam games.

    hanging with friends
    getting to know caring and accepting people
    looking out for others (in many ways)
    reading - mostly prefer scifi/fantasy/adventure types of books
    learning more and more about life and the levels of character people can have
    there's much more, but these are the big things i thought of first. feel free to ask more about me.
    United States
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    Originally Posted by Voxanadu: 361.) I am not allowed to claim, that the mammaries of females add a +10 to charisma.
    Inspired by: 4.) boobs add a natural +10 to charisma and as a tiefling that will help ;D


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