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    I live at +2 GMT, so I'm 5 - 7 hours ahead of US, and that means I'm most active when most people are asleep. Not a problem as such, but unless you are posting between 2 - 3 AM, I won't be around to answer for several more hours. I have tried to play in various Chat RPGs, but because of the time differences there are hardly any STs around, so I got out of Chat RPGs several years ago without really ever looking back.

    I have run a single oWoD (Demon: the Fallen) chronicle, and I'm currently in the process of running my first nWoD (Vampire: the Requiem) chronicle, which has thus far run through two full Stories, and I'm getting ready to close thing up with the current 3rd Story. I'm definitely most interested in vampire games, although I'm basically open to anything WoD. Well, assuming that it's not something I'm completely oblivious to, such as Changeling: the Dreaming, Wraith: the Oblivion or Mummy: the Resurrection. All of my oWoD experience is with 2nd Edition Revised, and I'm currently enjoying a Sabbat game, which has been running for about a year now.

    I have plenty of time to participate in forum games these days, and I don't really see that changing. This is simply one of my favorite ways to game these days, even though I do enjoy offline tt-games even more. I'm most interested in nWoD games, but I have nothing against oWoD games either. As far as forum games go, the best time I have so far had was when I was playing in a freeform vampire game that had an enthusiastic, fair and experienced GM. No game mechanical problems, no nothing: the GM took care of it all, and all I had to do was roleplay as much as I had time for (and that's quite a lot).

    My gaming habits tend to fall into the political / religious / social arenas, and tend to stay as far away as possible from combat, simply because it simply doesn't seem to work. Maybe it's just me and the people I RP with, but whenever we run into a combat scene things bog down, get unimpressive and the whole game just suffers. I have noticed this same thing in forum games as well, so I tend to stay away from anything that has a lot of combat in it. I'm quite fine with a little show of force and the necessary Final Death -scene every now and then, but these should be story driven events first and foremost, and accidental occurrences as seldom as possible.

    I like to write a lot, but I'm not really into stats so much. Okay, I can stat practically anything with the nWoD core books and accessory books at my disposal, but I just don't like to do that. Stats are boring, because they are just dots on a piece of paper, which are supposed to represent personality traits, skills and supernatural abilities. Instead I have fallen in love with such tools as the Antagonist Design Worksheet and other nWoD material, which aid STs in creating really complex, diverse and generally speaking interesting characters. While it may take me a full week (sometimes two) to dream up and create a character, the results have thus far satisfied practically every ST and GM I have run across...and there have been quite a few.

    One of the things that I'm currently in the process of learning is running a political, socially and religiously involving table top RPG with 4 - 5 players. It's trying and taxing, but I really love doing it. While I have been a GM, DM, ST, etc. for more than 15 years now, I have never really stopped trying to improve my games: I have always struggled to become better at this hobby, and I'm still trying. I expand and enrich the concepts and techniques I use in my games, I use new tools, and I experiment with new methods of both storytelling and game writing. However, I'm not trying to be the "best there is", but I am trying to find the best way that works for me. Ultimately, I'm so badly hooked into this hobby that I'll probably never be able to stop writing without getting some serious withdrawal symptoms.

    Anyway, that's me in a nutshell as far as RPGs go.
    - RPGs
    - Fantasy, sci-fi, historical and alternate history reading
    - Programming
    - Jogging
    - Chess
    - XBox 360 (XBox Live ID = TelperionMT)
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