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    Caifornia, USA
    Network Engineer
    I love running games. I started at the age of nine, running the first D&D game I ever sat at a table for; using the old red box D&D set from TSR.

    Currently I'm only running Pathfinder, because in my mind Paizo is the true inheritor of D&D. Hasbro seems to be lost as far as this hobby is concerned, and WotC is just a subsidiary of Hasbro now. Paizo is what TSR always wanted to be and they run their company with a true passion for the games we play.

    I like games with an old-school feel but a modern sense of story-telling. I think of them as the games I wanted to run as a kid, if only I'd known how.

    I've lived an adventurous life in the past. I've served in the army as a medic, competed and coached martial arts in three different countries and taught hand to hand combat to the American military. I still serve in the National Guard, but not for much longer now (whoo!)

    My present life is more sedate. After sustaining a neck injury on active duty, I went back to school to complete my degree in Information Technology. I finished that a while back now, leaving a lot more time for better things.


    Here's the short version to maximize your chances.

    1) Play a human, or if that just doesn't work for you a core race
    2) Stick to core classes
    3) Have a great character portrait. Try to avoid anime pics.
    4) Have a good presentation for your ap, with good written english.
    5) Fill an open party role (warrior, priest, spell caster or specialist. see below)
    6) Have your character actually be useful to the group. Your half pixie bard / summoner / warfan specialist might be original, but probably isn't that useful.
    7) Have a character that can function in a group.
    8) Be cool. If you flame or are hostile or bossy to others in the ap folder, don't be surprised if you don't get in.
    9) Don't be afraid to break these rules (except rule 8.) I will often allow one "weird" character into the group just for the heck of it. You're not maximizing your chances, but you aren't eliminating them either.

    Okay, here's the long version:

    I know a lot of good players on this site, but I'm always willing to meet another one. When I select a group for one of my games I'd filter based on the following:

    1) Character Concept and Picture - not the build, but the character. That doesn't mean you need to write a two page history. In fact, don't because I tend to mess with character history to help the PCs fit into the game. The picture is critical though. The picture does a ton to tell me about how you see your character developing and fitting into the game. Find something good.

    2) Writing ability: Again, you don't have to write that two page bio, but write enough that I can see you have good written English, and good word usage. I've found that writing ability makes a huge difference in the quality of games.

    3) Party Role: I favor well balanced parties, so look for a role to fill. In my mind the basic roles are warrior / priest / spell caster and specialist. That is best filled by fighter / cleric / wizard / rogue, but I'm willing to shake that roster up. For instance, barbarian / druid / alchemist / ranger could be a different way of having a balanced party.

    I do tend to take one "weird" character in a group. "Weird" in this case being a non-core class or exotic race. For example, my Jade Regent group went barbarian / ranger / druid / white-haired witch. In this case, the witch was the "weird" one (and was she. Smacked the stuffing out of monsters with her hair, I kid you not.)
    Pathfinder, Writing, History, Coding and Travel
    United States
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