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lachlan Aug 4 '10 5:33pm

No response at all to a game ad?
Have you ever posted a game ad and heard nothing about it?

Context: I've run a successful game here (Lady Blackbird, a steampunk storygame), started a second game that went off the rails (my fault entirely, and I think I've learned my lesson), posted Interest Checks that got good feedback, and played in some games. So when I posted a new game ad, I thought I'd get at least a nibble. Even a PM or a question. But I've got no responses, none, as my game ad sinks to page 2 of the Game Ads on it's way to oblivionsville.

For reference: Her Six-Gun Did the Talkin'

I realize that it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, very much a niche game, but how did I succeed in losing everybody?

Endovior Aug 4 '10 5:42pm

Too niche, I think. You've got a somewhat odd concept paired with an extremely obscure system. Either could result in low interest, but the combination is particularly problematic.

In cases like this, I'd usually suggest checking for interest first; that's half the reason there's an game planning subforum in the first place.

Shtychkn Aug 4 '10 5:44pm

Couple of things that might have led to the no response:

1) all players will create female characters.

You are limiting yourself to 50% (or probably less) players – though some male players will play female characters, that number will probably not offset the male/female imbalance. Any rate, there will be some male players who don't want to play female characters, thus you are limiting your available players.

2) Homebrew

Lesser known systems draw less attention. Add that to the reduction of player base from number 1.

buzzxf Aug 4 '10 5:47pm

Perhaps you have lost everyone. In my opinion games that seem to draw interest are in a popular setting, use a current system, or are completely over the top. There is also the notion that Wild West games generally are unpopular.

So if you want to make the game popular you can try:
a. using Serenity's cortex system
b. add steam punk
c. set it on a alien planet

Atewi Aug 4 '10 5:54pm

I've looked at the game, was interesting in it, but I'm not going to learn a system I probably won't use again. Western Games are fun, everyone wants to be John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Annie Oakley, and Jesse James once in their lives. Being a girl I don't mind playing a girl, but demanding an all girl cast of characters will send others running to the hills.

itsgottabeodin Aug 4 '10 6:04pm

I think this game sounds awesome (I absolutely loved Choice of Broadsides), but such an unusual system(to me) scares me away(Especially the thought of having purchase yet another book).

Perhaps if you added a link to the system, and mention that it is free and easy to learn in the ad...

lachlan Aug 4 '10 7:11pm

Good points, everyone, and thanks for the feedback! The next time I start a new game, I'll definitely do an Interest Check first.

There's a sign-up, now (yay!) so I'm going to go ahead with this game.

ArcaneDesperado Aug 4 '10 7:19pm

I love Wild West settings. I dont think they get enough respect. Never heard of the system before, and looking it over it doesnt strike me as something I have the desire to go out and learn right now. Especially when you're forcing some character selections like gender. Now I understand some games people want to have a specific type of group (Ad up for my own game like that) but the gender specific seems a bit odd INCLUDING the whole world reversal. If it was just a group of female gunslingers sure, but for all the men-folk to be in the kitchen and raisin' the young-ins? Without more world info it seems rather jarring.

I'm a guy and I certainly don't mind playing a female character (Seen some guys that ALL they play is female characters...weirdos) but being forced into the character gender again seems a bit out of place. The old west stories certainly had its share of soiled doves and woman bucking the system. Why cant a guy do the same in this role-reversed world?

Roi Aug 4 '10 7:34pm

Just to parrot what others have said, it's too much of a niche game. I myself tried to get a homebrew-mystery style game set up a while back, and it feel flat on its face. Definitely taking interest checks next time I do something like that.

lachlan Aug 4 '10 7:49pm

It's just that I'd just played 'Choice of Broadsides', and was really quite captivated by their handling of gender role reversal, and became deeply curious to see if it could be carried out in a PbP game. I've got a sign-up, now, so I'm going to go ahead with it (if I hadn't, I'd change the setting and/or the rules to get players, but I'd keep the gender assignment because I am, as I say,curious). Thank you for looking over the system and giving me that feedback -- if I had to do it over, I'd use a rules set that is more popular.

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