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Sheridan Sep 4 '10 3:39am

Issue Nine Sidetrek: The Negative Zone
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Continuing the tabletop game, this thread is for Agent X, EnergyStar, Sue Gnomi, MANAC, PowerSurge, and Jericho Tesla.

When last we met, the heroes had been recruited by Nick Fury and SHIELD to investigate the disappearance of two SHIELD agents (whom some of the team met back in issue three) who were, in turn, investigating the actions of The Yellow Claw on the island of Nop Yaan, off the coast of China, and the possible existence of a portal to he Negative Zone. After infiltrating the island with various levels of stealth (ranging from very to oh-not-at-all just a few rounds later), the team was attacked by hundreds of seemingly mind-controlled peasants under the influence of the Yellow Claw.

During the ensuing chaos, the team discovered the Negative Zone portal and managed to escape the peasant army by passing through the portal and into the Negative Zone.

Equipped with anti-matter harnesses, energy analyzers, and a homing beacon tied to the whereabouts of the two missing SHIELD agents, the group began to explore the Negative Zone.

Discovering several beams of unusual energy passing through this region of the Negative Zone, the team managed to track the origin of one of them to a floating island of debris adrift in the zone.

More to come...

Sheridan Sep 5 '10 4:33pm

Key to map and where you are now
1) Floating islands of broad, gray rock (not yet explored).
2) Debris band - Can only move at half speed. A successful Agility FEAT allows you to move through at normal speed, but failure indicates 5 damage.
3) Glowing object (not yet explored).
4) Crystal mist (not yet explored).
5a) 15-foot-diameter column of brilliant white light with an energy reading of concentrated radioactivity.
7) Some sort of base (where you are now). Energy readings indicate high-frequency radio waves being broadcast in all directions and low-intensity radioactivity confined to the local area. This planetoid is bowl-shaped with a lake of radioactive, red-hot mud filling the bowl. Centered in the lake is a massive cube-shaped computer complex (7a). At the top, there is a glass dome. A long antenna rises from each corner of the cube. Secured on the shore is something resembling a radar dish (7b). Attached to the bottom of the planetoid is another glass dome (7c) and an assembly of electronic devices contained in a large cube-like structure (7d).

MANAC is currently near the top of the planetoid (7a), the rest of the team is at the bottom (7c and 7d). An image of
Quasimodo was originally a computer created by the Mad Thinker in his laboratory in California's Mojave Desert, and later abandoned by him. Quasimodo eventually attempted a takeover of Cape Canaveral's computer systems, and battled Captain Marvel. He eventually also came into conflict with the Silver Surfer, Beast, Spider-Man, and Hawkeye at different times. He also once employed an Iron Man robot in a scheme against the Fantastic Four and stole a spacecraft from them in an attempt to travel to a Xandarian power source.

Quasimodo's intellect was beamed back to the Earth, where he took refuge in a deactivated computer system in Khystym, Russia. He allied with the Dire Wraiths against the Galadorian Spaceknight Rom and projected his "mental essence" into Rom's armor. Another Spaceknight, Brandy Clark, the second Starshine, drove Quasimodo's essence from Rom's armor, and he became trapped in a Soviet computer system. Quasimodo was later driven out of the Earth computer system by the Vision, and his consciousness was expelled into space.
Quasimodo appeared in the upper glass dome to warn "Stay away! Get out of here, or I'll kill you all!" before disappearing and reappearing on the bottom glass dome (7c) to give the rest of the heroes a similar warning. It appears he cannot manifest in both domes at the same time.

What would you like to do?

General Barca Sep 7 '10 2:46am

Agent X looks up at the glass ball. That is some tough talk from some one in an asteroid. Why don't you come out here and say that to my face. Agent X then turns to the others in the group and say's, I was trying to anger him out of there I doubt that will work. I was hoping some one else has any ideas.

wazzguy Sep 16 '10 6:42pm

If Jericho Tesla can get close enough to the glass, he'll take a look at the structure, intuition or reason check i forget which,
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 20
"I might be bale to drain that monitor glass if it has any diodes or tubes running it in the conventional sense" He'd whisper, "might blind him and give me some juice to work with"

Sheridan Sep 19 '10 5:55am


Originally Posted by wazzguy (Post 3581423)
If Jericho Tesla can get close enough to the glass, he'll take a look at the structure [...] "I might be bale to drain that monitor glass if it has any diodes or tubes running it in the conventional sense" He'd whisper, "might blind him and give me some juice to work with"

Within the bottom dome, no, but adjacent to it is an assembly of electronic devices contained in a large cube-like structure. Quasimodo, apparently, does not appreciate Jericho's inquisitiveness and fires a force bolt from his image's left eye at the hero, striking him for 40 points of force damage.

Initiatives, please!

Quasimodo: 5.0

Tila Sep 19 '10 6:04am

"Oh for Heaven's sake. Is shooting at us REALLY necessary? Don't you know violence is NOT the answer? How about you tell us where the S.H.I.E.L.D agents are that we are looking for and we will leave your precious domes alone?", says Energystar exhausted from the chaos that ensued on the team's way here.

General Barca Sep 19 '10 9:22am

Agent X begins to build up the Manac power X "took" from the tower. You never no when you might need it.
Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 2

Sheridan Sep 19 '10 4:39pm


Jericho Tesla 6.2
Quasimodo 5.0
EnergyStar 2.0
Agent X 2.0

MANAC and Sue ?

wazzguy Sep 23 '10 6:25pm

Dice Roll: 1d10+2
d10 Results: 4 (Total = 6)

Sheridan Sep 28 '10 2:56pm

Go ahead and take your actions. The rest can take theirs if/when they show up (or I will NPC them as appropriate).

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