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Drowbane Nov 15 '10 4:30pm

Menzoberranzan: a.G.o.H. - Round Three
Round Three: This is for the general Sandbox. For the most part you are all expendable Secondary PCs (SPC) who may be snuffed out at a moments notice by other, more important characters. As a PC, secondclass though you are, I fully expect you to rise above this underdog status.

I am looking for players who know and understand Drow culture and who can proactively write themselves into the story without heavy handed DMing on my part. This section of the game is designed to bring the City to life.

I am calling for up to ten more players, but may accept more depending on quality of applications.

Due Date: Sunday the 21st of November, 2010 at Midnight (PST).

Level: 11
Gestalt: LA / Racial HD allowed on one side. Fractional BAB / Saves.
Rule 11: Pre-mod Stats ranging from 7 to 18. You may have no more than two odds. And your total stat mods = 11. Example: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 17.
Alignments: Any,
Materials: XPH, Core, Tomes (links below in Spoiler), Forgotten Realms line, ToM, ToB: Bo9S, Completes, Races of, Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness,
On a case by case basis
Eberron line, Pathfinder, Trailblazer, most WotC books. All builds must be approved, regardless of source materials.
Races: Anything with Darkvision; Tome Drow favored (LA 2 Drow allowed)
Classes: A staggering array of classes (base and PrC) available.
Drow Paragon: gives +1 level of cleric or wizard for each level (instead of just at 1st and 3rd).
Banned: Truenamer.
Feats: Everybody gains a
In addition to the standard feats at 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, etc. And in addition to any other bonus feats you are entitled to by classes, templates, etc
Bonus Feat per level. Regional (FR) Feats may only be taken at level 1. You may have up to two Regional Feats, don’t worry about meeting region requirements. You may only select a Tome Feat using your standard feat progression, with the exception of classes that give Tome Feats. No flaws or traits allowed.
Cohorts and Spawn: Rule 9 (as R11, but less so), Gestalt. Spawn are restricted by level as a Cohort.
Followers: Standard array; non-gestalt; Core PC classes.
Skills: no distinction between class and non-class skills. No synergies.

Example application...
Relevant NPCs:

Drowbane Nov 15 '10 4:31pm

Ignore the lower half of the Ad ("Levels 13 to 15" and down).

Jreece Nov 15 '10 4:32pm

OOOOO. I wanna play. Can I submit!!!.... wait a second.... ;)

Drowbane Nov 15 '10 4:32pm

If you have enough time to devote to a non-House PC also... yes. :p

Rock_DS Nov 15 '10 4:37pm

I will be applying my artificer for this one as well =3 My history works out kindda handy as it fits to both house and non house history.

Jreece Nov 15 '10 4:40pm

No, no i don't. Between running Working... and playing 2 of your games, my time is spent.

RelentlessImp Nov 15 '10 5:12pm

What if we wind up snuffing out one of the primary PCs?

Edit: Stuff I'd like to use: Metaphysical Spellshaper (BoEF, otherwise known as Book of Horrendously Bad Photoshops) and Thaumaturge (Tome Base Class).

Edit #2: Idea hit full force. Psionic Illithid Thaumaturge 4/Metaphysical Spellshaper 3/Thaumaturge +4//Psionic Illithid 9-11(/Psion 1-2) converted via method 1 in Tomes, giving some bonuses that are kind of... interesting.

+4 Int, +2 Dex, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma are easily discovered. Strength might be +4 or +2, because Con has the same score and might also be +4 or +2. I think +2 Strength, +4 Con. (Also might be under-CRing a bit, but I can't see 9th level Psion manifesting being more than 10-11 Aberration hitdie for CR. Possibly as high as 12.)

Basic idea: Illithid 'merchant', who is also one of the myriad spies that contaminate drow society, watching the dance of chaos and possibly participating if he can do so safely. Functions primarily as an enchanter, willingly enchanting (or enhancing) equipment for the right price. Of course, given that this character is already in the Wish Economy*, that'd be a hell of a price. But, more or less, he'd function as one of the illithid society's eyes in the chaotic city, feeding back information. Gradually having grown accustomed to the chaos, and learning to revel in it - when it's appropriate to do so, of course, and only when it wouldn't threaten his status.

*If not using the Wish Economy, I do hope you're using the crafting changes.

Edit #3: Rule 11; is that total stat mods before or after racial adjustments?

Pseudo Nov 15 '10 7:00pm

Gonna throw into this one... Let's see what i can come up with.

Right now thinking about a barkeep - low-born drow guy who runs a tavern in MB. No idea on classes. Probably something sneaky though...

jolt Nov 15 '10 8:34pm

I'm very interested in this. I'll probably apply with my Elan Wildshape Ranger / Master of Many Forms // Monk / Psychic Warrior.

Eletix Nov 15 '10 10:58pm

Sigh, my Turtle Rider doesn't stand a chance. Why doesn't anybody like my characters?

Dey are so cool!

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