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zeone3000 Nov 20 '10 8:13am

Recruitment Drive for One Piece!
Wealth, Fame, Power.

The man who acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The final words that were said at his execution, sent people to the seas.

"My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all in that place."

Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line.

The world now enters a Great Age of Pirates!

Tone of the GameOne Piece is a whacky, dramatic, fantasy world of epic portions. Where great pirates are the equivalent of Supers, hence why I will be using the 2nd Edition of Mutant & Masterminds and some of its supplement. A flexible point base RPG system. If you can imagine it, it is possible.

The PlayersI'm looking for heroic characters that are looking for adventure, treasure, and chasing their dreams. Also, team players, I'm not looking for the lone wolf who can do everything, because, well, you can't. That's why you join a crew.

To apply to this game, before anything, have access to the book. It's very important that you acquire the core book by some means. Next, have a concept. What do you look like? Did you eat a devil fruit? What is your skill set? Do you use a weapon? Do you have a bad sense of direction? Important questions that deserve a well thought out answer. You don't need to make a sheet until you are accepted into the game. Finally, tie it all together with the backstory. Where you came from, who raised you, who taught you what, things like that need to be answered. A well thought out and written backstory can make a big difference. No haki user are permitted at this time.

When one is accepted the rules for character creation will be posted in the game thread.

There are two active crews. The Pinstripe Pirates lead by Ryan D. "The Suit" Syrus and The Virtuoso Pirates lead by "Visionary" Ree.

Pinstripe Positions
Filled positions are...
  • Captain - Ryan D. "The Suit" Syrus, ??? ??? Fruit - ???
  • Cook - "Godspeed" Marshall D. Vice, Zoom Zoom Fruit - Superspeed
  • Musician - "Puppy Eyes" Shiron, Fox-Fox Fruit: Model Nine Tails - Mythical Beast
  • Doctor - Bahari

Virtuoso Positions
Filled positions are...
  • Captain - "Visionary" Ree - Art Art Fruit - Animate Drawings
  • Navigator - "Wind Dancer" Winnie - Storm Storm Fruit - Weather Control
  • Gunmen/Inventor - Andrew "Steam-Engine" Jones - Steam Steam - Steam Man

Sharpshooter - "Labyrinth" Zini - Wall Wall Fruit - Wall Creation
Doctor - Midou Shingo
Shipwright - Judai Hikuosu - Weight Weight Fruit - Small Scale Gravity Control
Doctor - "Hell Garden" Camohin Eden - Flower Flower Fruit - Living Garden
Cook or Musician - Katie Elenoora - Herc Herc Fruit - Super Strength
Musician/Sharpshooter/Crafter - Mary Collette Bell
Gunner - Masti the Jet
Gunman - Trittiak the Gun-Man - Gun Gun Fruit - Gun Man
Tactician - Vincent "The Four Shots of" Whiskey
Jack Of All Trades/Shipwright - Eric "Halfhanded" Wright
Navigator/Cook - Hermione Wingfield
Craftsmen/Scholar - Deimos "The Reaper" Argyros
Swordsmen/Tactician - "Devil Count" Julian Erasis
Shipwright - Wes - Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Tiger
Musician/Scholar - Elise Chausperg
Cook/Artist - "Red Rivers" D'Amore - Time Time Fruit - Limited control of time and space.
Shipwright - Kubo
Theif - Lenny 'The Mirror Bandit' Goodwin - Mirror Mirror Fruit

These are subject to change in the near and far future.

KingGoblin Nov 20 '10 4:14pm

Posting interest. But are you looking for pirates, or superhero-pirates? I mean, do you want people with actual powers, or for people to use the MnM system to make more normal types? By the core book requirement, do you mean the MnM core book, or something for One Piece? I have to admit I haven't had any contact with this setting before.

bloodrever Nov 20 '10 4:33pm

Both can work. You can be a person like Sanji or Zolo that have no powers other than their trained fighting skills, a person like Nami or Usopp that rely on a device, or be a person with a Devil Fruit (cannot use one already in One Piece). All the filled up slots are ones with Devil Fruits (except maybe Ryan D. "The Suit" Syrus, I am not sure if he has a devil fruit yet)

zeone3000 Nov 20 '10 4:36pm

This is probably not the game for someone who has never read/watched One Piece.

KingGoblin Nov 20 '10 4:49pm

Ok, good luck then!

Turraken Nov 20 '10 5:45pm

I have a few background questions;

How experienced are the crews in question? Just starting out, just made it to the Grand Line etc.?
Should we be from a particular sea (East/West/North/South Blue or the Grand Line itself)?
What are the Fruits of the accepted crewmembers thus far?
And are you accepting all three types of Devil Fruit? Planning a Paramecia, but just to be clear.

Sorry if that's a bit much, but I like to be clear.

Pheonixfire Nov 20 '10 6:00pm


How experienced are the crews in question? Just starting out, just made it to the Grand Line etc.?
The characters are being introduced chapter by chapter. I'm the newest recruit to the crew but some of them have been members for a while.

Should we be from a particular sea (East/West/North/South Blue or the Grand Line itself)?
I don't believe you should be from a specific area. I know I didn't specify a section, I just left it ambiguous :p

What are the Fruits of the accepted crew members thus far?
My character is a Zoan user. Ryan isn't using one to our knowledge and the rest are Paramecia.

And are you accepting all three types of Devil Fruit? Planning a Paramecia, but just to be clear.
And I'm pretty sure the GM is accepting all non-logia devil fruits. Just, don't go over powered or stupid on the type, like time controlling power or water control. Try to leave some room to grow and stuff as well. Little point in having a power where you don't grow or anything :p

zeone3000 Nov 20 '10 6:00pm

They are about to enter Logue Town so the Grand Line is a possiblity.

You can be from any where. Sanji was from the North Blue but was in the Easy Blue.

I'll edit those in on the app so everyone can see.

No Logaias.

bloodrever Nov 20 '10 6:02pm

There is a fruit that lets you move at super speeds, one that lets you control the weather, one that animates the users drawings, and a mythical zoan type.

The Doctor of the Pinstripes is a Fishman.

Turraken Nov 20 '10 7:45pm

Cool. How's this then;

"Labyrinth" Zini, Wall Wall Fruit - Wall Creation

Ended up a little long, but I hope I grasped the One Piece feel adequately :)

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