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TanaNari Feb 7 '11 4:35am

Call to War (exotic nature campaign)
This is going to be a homebrew game using nonhuman(oid) characters. The actual setting and intent is for specifically for a party of all fey or nature based creatures.

The ruleset is in the forum- everything you should need to at least know HOW to start- if you're interested, I'll give you a private thread and you can share your ideas in detail. Fey, magical animals, sentient ordinary animals, plants and other natural oddities are all more or less automatically approved- though approval of a character concept does not mean acceptance into the game. For those worrying about character creation rules- it's not that complex. If you've played pretty much any "superheroes" game, you'll probably be able to build your own without any handholding.

If you really *desperately* wish to try out "that awesome idea that never seems fit into the system"- I'm generally interested in that as well. I won't promise anything other than that I'm pretty sure it can be built (and I really want to see just what the system is capable of building in the hands of others- call this a playtest of sorts). All you absolutely must have to have a potential character is a reason to be in the wilderness, and a whole lot of enlightened self interest. But out-of-theme characters have much lower odds of acceptance.

Your characters automatically get some "partial memories" of one of the three humanoid civilizations that are active in this world. These were essentially memories pulled from members of those races and cobbled together and then infused into your characters by the forces that made your characters into PCs. You aren't necessarily *forced* to have or use them, they're mostly a way for your characters to have access to weapon and some magic talents- and perhaps most importantly *languages*. And to understand what's happening in this world that necessitates your character acting. These don't affect your characters in any personal way, and are little more than textbook knowlege to them.

SageBahamut Feb 7 '11 5:26am

What...? From the planning thread I was expecting D&D 3.5. What is this!? :( :( :(

TanaNari Feb 7 '11 5:32am

That. Was the other guy. You should pay closer attention.

Rejakor Feb 7 '11 11:54am

I have decided that I would like to play a nymph. A humanoid shapeshifting female Plant creature that uses mammalian breeding instincts to manipulate silly mammals into doing things for nature/herself. By turns charmingly unsophisticated and deeply cunning. Can be schoolteacherish about some subjects she knows something about, but is quite ignorant about many things despite having existed for hundreds of years.

Either that or some kind of Natureborn warrior... a critterdude formed from the very stuff of the land who has stolen dwarven antimagic armaments and has been fighting to preserve the world for over 30 years. He will have a pet topiary lion.

TanaNari Feb 7 '11 1:45pm

Both are pretty easy to do. Though the second one is going to require a lot of background points, so using the "hybrid" archetype is advisable. Aspects and Constructs won't be able to afford the gear and pet without buying a chunk of disadvantages. Which is an option if you can come up with some good ones.

The nymph could be made using any of the nonhumanoid options- it's merely a question of if you want her (it) to rely on raw powers (mental assaults count as "raw power"), or have access to some more subtle abilities as well.

Your individual thread is now up.

Alejandro Feb 7 '11 1:53pm

Is playing a treant possible for this game? Being a wise sage for the party but a beatstick as well can be a fun writing experience.

TanaNari Feb 7 '11 2:00pm

Easily. And that actually DOES sound pretty cool.

Setting you a thread now.

Lyric las Cove Feb 7 '11 2:31pm

I'm interested. I'm gonna go over and read in the forum before committing more. My concept... hmm...

I am fascinated by Gaia's Vengeance and the fact that the Ar Tonelico series ends with a Gaia's Vengeance-ish concept intrigues me. With that in mind, I'll probably go as a Sylph with magic music if that's approved.

TanaNari Feb 7 '11 3:01pm

Again, not too hard. Except the part where I actually will have to look up sylphs. I... for some reason... don't know much about them.

Alejandro Feb 7 '11 3:17pm

I believe they are Wind/Air Faeries.

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