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Zoalord Mar 14 '11 12:57pm

In need of reliable players
I need two players to complete my hero team so I can begin my game. Players will need a copy of the DC Adventures Book and need to be reliable and only post once in a blue moon.

Vox Clamantis Mar 14 '11 1:14pm

Unburdened by a campaign I thought I was going to run, I'm finding this very interesting. I'll see what percolates through my brain in the way of concepts.

Don't really see how the ad can close the day before it's posted, however.

ArcaneDesperado Mar 14 '11 1:16pm

DC Adventures ! Yay!

wait .. set in Marvel So many DCA games NOT set in DC Universe lately...

Pre-Train Wreck Marvel... Yay again..

Superheroes vanishing? .. Son of a %$&#@! There goes me interacting with the Avengers/Thunderbolts.

Just started another game ad myself. Have to see how that goes first. Interest Pending.

BeyondThePale Mar 14 '11 2:09pm

Lol I was about to apply before I saw that it was you Zoalord, so I am already set ;~} can't wait to see what types get to fill out the roster...

Kaitou Kage Mar 14 '11 2:21pm

Interested! I have a character who was made for a game with a similar premise, but that game seems to have gone belly-up. Is it all right if I apply for this game with him?

Zoalord Mar 14 '11 2:29pm

Kaitou: What kind of character did you have? Give me a skinny on him/her and I'll tell you what I think.

Pheonixfire Mar 14 '11 4:18pm

Methinks I'll try applying, but I just need to build up a character and post a story about the guy. Both of which would require my handbook thats at home rather than using numbers I remember (although my character creation memories seems fairly good so far) and my character creation spreadsheet I designed.

Basic premise, lots of inspiration taken from DC's Captain Marvel, but uses nature (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Electrictiy) rather than the wizard, Shazam's magic. Probably takes the form as a half-animal hybrid rather than an adult, a creature of the earth, most likely a tiger cause tigers are awesome. (I blame catroon characters for their inspiration. They're, Grrrrreat!).

Failing that, I do have an air controller, or a Gorilla-based character (based on Gorilla-man :p) I would prefer trying the nature-y tiger guy, but it's not neccessary.

Kaitou Kage Mar 14 '11 5:32pm


Originally Posted by Zoalord (Post 4162594)
Kaitou: What kind of character did you have? Give me a skinny on him/her and I'll tell you what I think.

Brief gist is that he's a half-Chinese Taoist sorcerer/martial artist. Had visions of becoming a Hong Kong action movie star before he took on villains.

That's the very brief skinny. His powers were essentially alternate forms based on the five elements (Earth, Water, Metal, Wood, Fire). This reflects different stances and attunements, using qigong and meditation practices to change the flow of elemental qi within him.

Zoalord Mar 14 '11 6:45pm

Okay, I'll take Pheonixfire and Kaitou Kage. I do not need any more applicants. Thank you for your submissions.

Pheonix: I like the idea of a gorilla man (like the DC creatures I imagine)He/she could be very interesting on the team.

Pheonixfire Mar 14 '11 6:51pm




And here I was expecting to at least post a backstory before being considered...

lol. Thanks!

Incoming some kind of batmanlike-Psion-Gorilla guy.

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