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Flea Apr 19 '11 4:27am

The World's Largest Conversation
Post OOC chit-chat and discussions here, basically anything from Introductions to "Hey, did you see that new movie" will go here.

Flea Apr 23 '11 9:37pm

Condition Tracker
As mentioned in the game rules, I use a Combat Tracker to monitor attacks, conditions, etc... from round to round. I still expect you to update your character with this information so it is updated in your statblocks, but this helps keep everyone's information in one place.

To use the combat tracker, you will find your health and information on a line. There is also a place on your line to list any permanent conditions, temporary conditions, and readied actions (such as interrupts you want to use if the need arises). When you make an attack roll, you can check to see if you hit or not by finding the attack (AC, Will, etc...) on the line next to the opponent's name (not your own), and enter your attack total there. A Hit or Miss result will pop up next to the creature's name. Once you know your result, you can find the Damage Taken line and add in your result (This needs to be done in the formula bar, and must be done mathematically from round 1. Don't just change the total to what it will be when your damage hits, change the result with a +5 or a +2 to the formula as it is. This helps keep track of what damage was done, and when it was done.)

You can then go back to your post and edit in your fluff surrounding the attack results. Keep in mind that sometimes I will have to go back and edit out an attack due to something you don't know about (an opportunity attack against you for the attack that takes you down, a resistance, etc...).

Please be careful NOT to alter formulas in any boxes except for the "Damage Taken" box.

Here is a link to the tracker you will all use for this game: Combat Tracker

Any questions? Please ask them.

Flea May 8 '11 8:14pm

Getting Started
I'm starting to send out the game invites for the people I know are getting in. I'm still making decisions though, so once you get here feel free to socialize and look around - but don't start making a character yet as that will be done in game.

justin_elliott May 8 '11 11:09pm

Hi all!

First things first I'll claim RED as my character colour - just 'cos it's what I use for my other characters and being old I'm likley to get confused if I try another colour. :)

What do you need to know about me - er... I'm in New Zealand so the time zone means I'm likely posting a significantly different times to most of the rest of you... I'm a regular poster during the week, but less so over the weekends... I'm a long time roleplayer and have been in several of Flea's games... I'm looking forward to this one, should be heaps of fun!

eastc May 8 '11 11:26pm

Sienna! Hah! I wonder what horrible toon the CB will throw together... :)

Flea May 9 '11 1:39am

Justin, I'll need a name for your sponsor, even if your character doesn't know it.

All newcomers should select a dialogue color: Red, Blue and Sienna are gone. Pick something that is different enough from the others that you can tell the difference, but not something that is really hard to read against this cream background.

Vyrwolf May 9 '11 2:16am

Green! Character creation is going to be fun!

As for what you need to know about me...Well, Myth Weavers isn't blocked at school, and we use laptops, so I've got a pretty quick turn-around time for posts. School's almost out anyway, which is a blessing. Just one little note: I don't have a subscription to DnD Insider, so I don't have the character builder or other neat little tools. I DO have the three PH's and the Dark Sun books, though! And I know for a fact I can find a bunch of the fun races like Warforged and Gnoll in .pdf. Looking forward to this campaign--I'm scouring Youtube for episodes of that old DnD cartoon to celebrate.

Flea May 9 '11 2:25am

Not having a subscription shouldn't be a problem.

As for the D&D cartoons, you can actually find the whole series on DVD for around ten bucks (target had it for 5 for the longest time).

Flea May 9 '11 3:55am

Everyone (who hasn't already done so that is) should create a 4e character sheet for your character and add it to the game. Just fill in information like Character name, sex, etc....

The rest will be filled in later when the character is fully built.

justin_elliott May 9 '11 4:02am

Done :)

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