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Darkxarth May 16 '11 5:10pm

Red Hand of Doom Resources
EDIT: I am copying the contents of this thread to my personal wiki page, which is also where I will be posting the rest of my monsters, NPCs, encounters, and other Red Hand of Doom resources. Check it out here.

Red Hand of Doom is my favorite premade D&D adventure. Having run it all the way through, I know how much fun it is, but I also know that neither the monsters nor the encounters are fantastically balanced. So, if I ever run it again, I wanted to be more prepared.

The point of this is that I have been spending a lot of time creating new monsters and thinking about additional or substitute encounters for RHoD. And, being the kind of person I am, I'm sharing them here and looking for any feedback you fine folks would care to share.

DISCLAIMER: My revisions are not necessarily better for all playing and DMing styles, just different.

Blood Ghost Berserker CR 4
Doom Fist Monk CR 4
Kulkor Zhul Harbinger CR 8

Lesser Dragonspawn EL 6
Flying Scout EL 7

Kulkor Zhul War Adept Spell List

Darkxarth May 16 '11 5:11pm

Blood Ghost Berserker
Blood Ghost Berserker CR 4
This monster was originally an unimaginatively built Bugbear Barbarian with an interesting fluff hook, that he dyed his skin and fur light grey to signify that "he walks in the world of the dead." Unfortunately, while I believe I have improved on the build of the monster, I have gone no further towards meshing it with the hook than the RHoD module does. I am still considering changing this monster more in order to better match the crunch to the fluff.

Darkxarth May 16 '11 5:16pm

Flying Scout
Flying Scout EL 7
This encounter can be dropped in virtually anywhere and anytime. It's a great way of letting the PCs know that the Red Hand is keeping an eye on them, or it can break up a tedious journey otherwise devoid of premade encounters.

Darkxarth May 16 '11 10:53pm

Kulkor Zhul War Adept Spell List
Kuklor Zhul War Adept Spell List
War Adepts don't have a fantastic spell list, but I did not want to wholly change their purpose as a blaster. If I recall correctly, I only switched out a few spells, but I think it greatly improves the list.

Darkxarth May 19 '11 6:09pm

Kulkor Zhul Harbinger
Kulkor Zhul Harbinger CR 8
I've never been a big fan of the Kulkor Zhul Mindbender, so I replaced it with the Harbinger. While I don't like using spells like charm person and suggestion on the PCs, I understand the potential that those spells could have on allied NPCs (or for other purposes). So while did keep both of them, the build is not focused around them, but around fear and command.

Darkxarth May 20 '11 7:30pm

Lesser Dragonspawn
Lesser Dragonspawn EL 6
This is just another random encounter, which most of my created ones are. Personally, I would use this one after the events at Skull Gorge Bridge. It's short, sweet and simple.

Darkxarth May 22 '11 6:02pm

Doom Fist Monk
Doom Fist Monk CR 4
These guys always seemed extremely unimpressive to me. Additionally, using grapple, while it makes for interesting battles, is a convoluted and tedious strategy on a mass scale. I considered making them full-fledged Unarmed Swordsages, but dismissed that as too complicated. Instead, I simply gave them the martial study feat, granting them use of the burning blade maneuver 1/encounter.

Oh, I also ditched the lame dragonchain and replaced it with a pair of masterwork nunchaku.

Plugsy May 22 '11 6:03pm

None of this belongs in a thread.

Darkxarth May 22 '11 6:05pm


Originally Posted by Plugsy (Post 4390644)
None of this belongs in a thread.

Oh. Sorry. Is there anywhere on Myth-Weavers I can put it? Could it go in the wiki?

Plugsy May 22 '11 11:06pm

Wiki but not sure the best place to put it/index it atm. Been shouting for a couple people in the staff room to take a look but they haven't turned up yet.

There no point in putting resources in threads because threads sink without trace so they cease to be a resource.

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