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Flea May 17 '11 5:48am

Region A: Longtail's Destiny
Jack and John begin slowly walking into the new chamber, they almost kick over the candle that Vicky had teleported into the room. Looking back, they can't see the others from this side either. It appears that the darkness spell cast over the doorway seems to work both ways. Their torchlight gleams feebly in this complete gloom, lighting up a small region of what appears to be a large room. Two iron doors, one straight ahead of them and another a little further to it's side are the only things that break up the mass of worked stone. The chill and damp air clings to their bodies. and they are not the only ones feeling it judging by the cough coming out of the darkness. Looking over in the direction of the cough, the explorers can see a distant campfire. They think they can see some people huddling around the fire for warmth, but from this distance and with the limited light it is hard to be sure.

The curious halfling pokes his head through to see what the others are doing, and then tries to slide back after getting an eyeful. He quickly finds, however, that he can't seem to pull his head back out to the other side. He sees Jack and John looking around the room.

Flea May 17 '11 6:00am

Jared can feel someone tugging on his clothing lightly on the other side of the darkness.

Flea May 17 '11 6:11am

Jared feels a nudge and the halfling is then pushed out of the way of the doorway as Vicky comes through. She is quickly followed by the tall and imposing elf warrior.

eastc May 17 '11 6:21am

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan gently pats Vicky's shoulder, "That's not nearly as bad as I thought it'd be," he looks around in the dim light. "It's nice to see that you still have your face," he says with a smile to Jared.

"What do you think that's about?" he says pointing down toward the campfire. "Those clerks said we're the only ones to be in this dungeon."

justin_elliott May 17 '11 6:26am

"Hey, no need to push! These things seem to be one way... hang on..."

He stares over at the fire standing on his tip-toes. "Who do you think that is over there?"

Ayeba May 17 '11 6:29am Vicky

Vicky comes through the door with her sword and shield raised. When it proves to be no immediate danger, she lowers them.

"This was a lot less dramatical than what I feared," Vicky says softly, "and I'm grateful for that."

She looks around the room, spotting the two doors and the campfire. "People... of some kind ... here?" 'I shouldn't be so surprised,' she tells herself.

"Let's give the remaining two a moment to get through the door, then we can take a closer look," she says to the others. She turns to Jared. "I have this feeling that I ought to scold you like a child -- possibly because of your size -- but I won't. Just try to make sure your brain keeps up with your impatient feet."

She smiles at him before turning towards the campfire, trying to get a good look at it.

Flea May 17 '11 6:32am

justin_elliott May 17 '11 6:37am

Jared grins at Vicky and points to himself "Halfling! Brain is not our strongest point. Our feet on the other hand..." He wiggled his toes as if making a point. He then moves up beside Vicky.

"You guys want me to go take a look? I have some skill in not being seen." His tone is hopeful as he stares at the fire.

Flea May 17 '11 6:45am

the truthseeker May 17 '11 6:58am

Hurm dar Rivek enters, ever careful for the ambush that does not come. He notes the campfire and says,

"What do you think, are they monsters waiting at camp seeing if they're going to be attacked by us?"

Dice Roll: 1d20+7
d20 Results: 15 (Total = 22)

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