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Sheridan Mar 17 '07 8:48pm

This thread will be for posting background information and history for characters in the campaign.

References to the AEF refer to the Avengers Experimental Franchise; a superhero team based in Buffalo, NY, meant to serve as a sort of "farm team" for the main Avengers teams. There are currently two main Avengers teams in the campaign; one based in New York City and the other based on the West Coast. [In regular Marvel continuity, the West Coast Avengers have disbanded.]

Here are some of the major NPCs from the campaign that are likely to make an appearance:

Bova - Humanoid cow evolved by the High Evolutionary who served as midwife during the birth of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch [see Avengers #185]. She now resides in AEF Tower in Buffalo, New York and servers as the teams cook and cleaning lady. She makes a mean soup.

Blue Marvel - A simulacrum created by Thanos in the image of the Golden Age superhero known as Marvel Boy, who disappeared after the 1950's, reappearing to battle the Fantastic Four [see Fantastic Four #s 164-165] over a decade later in what appeared to be his apparent explosive suicide. This simulacrum recently appeared, seemingly no worse for wear, and without having aged a day. He was originally believed to have been the Golden Age Marvel Boy, having survived by some miracle. Having first encountered the AEF upon his return, he viewed the team as his collective team of mascots. He took the name "Blue Marvel" after realizing another hero (Vance Astrovik) was now calling himself Marvel Boy. Loves pinball and Jolt cola. Perpetually sits too close to the television like an 8-year old. Keeps commenting on how cool it is that they are now in color. His true nature now revealed, Blue Marvel is attempting to atone for his past as an agent of Thanos by being a productive member of the new AEF. The true fate of the original Marvel Boy is still uncertain. He now resides at AEF HQ.

Byron Justinian Gamble - The Avengers North National Security Council liaison. Somewhat stuffy and ill-tempered, the team frequently disagrees with him. When they do agree with him, they try real hard to make sure they don't let him know it. [Not a character in Marvel Comics' continuity.]

Dr. Gordon James Fields - formerly as professional football player, music producer, and research scientist, Gordon is EnergyStar's father and Radical Warrior's stepfather. His behavior is erratic, but harmless and well-meaning. Currently serving as the AEF/Avengers North resident Mad Scientist. [Not a character in Marvel Comics' continuity.]

Human Fly - Spider-Man's old enemy. His mind has degraded to the point where he is essentially a fly's brain in a human body. In an unsuccessful assassination attempt by the vigilante Scourge, the Human Fly was critically injured. He was nursed back to health by the AEF and became a ward of the team's then chairperson, EnergyStar. Spends most of his time eating out of sugar bowls in the kitchen or being swatted by Bova with a broom because of it. [In regular Marvel continuity, Scourge succeeded in killing the Human Fly.]

Justice - Android creature created by the Captain, one of the AEF's members. Hasn't accompanied the group on any adventures. In fact, it has never left the headquarters. Bova has taught it to make pies, which it has become quite good at. Spends most of its time in the library reading or surfing the internet. Robots/androids created by Avenger's members always work out so well. Can you say Ultron, boys and girls? I knew you could. [Not a character in Marvel Comics' continuity.]

Ray The Bum - Homeless man who lived on the Amherst campus of the State University of New York, he was the first human encountered when the alien Mystic Spiral arrived on our planet. The Mystic Spiral believed him to be some sort of wise or holy man and learned much about our culture (albiet in a skewed way) from him. Ray The Bum eventually came into contact with the AEF when Mystic Spiral joined the team and has spent most of his time since then at AEF HQ. Current status: left Avengers North/AEF HQ for places unknown in issue 8.

Dr. Spock - Relatively short, pointy-eared creature that the team discovered. He carries a liester [short fishing spear - not exactly a fearsome weapon] and keeps all his wordly possessions in a backpack. First called Dr. Spock by Ray The Bum, in reference to that pointy-eared character in Star Trek [yes, that was MR. Spock, not DR. Spock, but Ray The Bum didn't know that]. He apparently wanted to trade his fishing spear for a lone roller skate that used to belong to the villain Blue Streak, which the team kept in their trophy room. When the trade was refused, he stole the roller skate anyway and hasn't been seen since. [Not a character in Marvel Comics' continuity.]

Louise "Weezi" Grant Mason - Widow and former legal secretary, now serving as secretary for the AEF/Avengers North. Currently resides at Avengers North/AEF HQ.

Chuck Rogers - Former gang member, now friend of MinuteMan and the Avengers North/AEF teams. Occasionally helps out with light mechanic duty as needed at the team's HQ. Does not reside at the team HQ.

Marlo Jones - Wife of Avengers' Founding Member Rick Jones. Frequently at HQ, but does not reside there as her and Rick share an apartment in the Allentown district of town.

Zabu - Sabre-tooth tiger pet and companion of Ka-Zar. Housebroken. Thankfully.

Sheridan Mar 21 '07 5:50am

Full character stats do not need to be posted here; send your complete character, origin, and background to me via Private Message and just post what is publicly known about your hero, their powers, and their background, here.

SgtDrill Mar 23 '07 4:06pm

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Jim appeared on the scene only recently, but after he and his partner foiled an armored car theft in a spectacular fashion they were invited to join the team. Jim looks like a normal human, but is, in fact, a robot... something he doesn't even try to keep secret. However, very little is known about Jim's past. One thing that IS known, is that he steadfastly refuses to accept a colorful codename like the rest of superherodom, preferring to just be called Jim.

Jim has exhibited reflexes and fighting ability well outside human capabilities, along with immense physical strength. He is highly resistant to harm, and, when wounded, his body's self-repair nanotechnology repairs any damage quickly. Jim also generates a field of anti-gravitons that enables him to fly in excess of 200mph.

Tila Mar 23 '07 10:36pm


Energystar is always in the paper. In fact WGTL, is always on top of a story where EnergyStar is involved. Their head investigative reporter Tonya Fields happens to the only report that Energystar has given a TV interview with. It was a local special that had better ratings than American Idol 2 years ago. And that is where you found out all most people know about her.

She found out as a teenager that she had powers. It was hard to manage at first but she soon were able to control her powers. She is the leader of the local superhero team called The Avenger's Experimental Franchise. They are a government agency that supports the Avenger's East and West Coast. They have a government liaison and at the whim of the government.

In that hour interview, you learned just enough about Energystar and her team to not give away too much information, including if she has a significant other and the favorite food of all the members of the team. She ended the interview with an announcement. It has been a while but the AEF is looking to expand membership. She promised that those interested will hear more in the near future.

Origin: Altered Human; Calling: Responsibility Of Power; Hinderance: Obsessive (Homeless)

Fighting: Amazing 50
Agility: Good 10
Strength: Excellent 16
Endurance: Remarkable 30
Reason: Typical 7
Intuition: Typical 7
Psyche: Excellent 20

Health: 106; Resources: Amazing; Popularity: Monstrous 64 as EnergyStar, Good 8 as Tonya Fields
Talents: Scholar (+1 CS in English, Journalism), Weapon Master (+1 CS Fighting), Journalism

Energy Control (Gravity): Remarkable 30, Range: 8 Areas
- Immobilization (RM)
- Weight Decrease (RM)
- Levitation (TY) - 6 stories/turn, may lift up to 800 lbs.
- Flight (GD) - 8 areas/round (4 in congested areas)
- Gravitic Force Field (RM) - 1 area
- Weight Increase On Weapons - +2CS damage
Energy Control (Light): Incredible 40, Range: 11 Areas
- Blinding Flash (IN)
- Generate Light (IN)
- Intensify/Diminish/Redirect Light (IN)
- Light Barrier (IN) - can't see through
Poisonous/Paralyzing Touch (Knock Out): Good 10

Power Stunts:
Hypnosis (EX) - 6 area range, done 2x
Laser (EX) - 6 area range, done 5x
Levitation Of Others (EX) - 10 stories/round, done 1x

Beta Cloth (6 vs Physical, 20 vs Heat/Radiation)
Flak Jacket - Good Body Armor

Equipment: Knife (Range: 2, Damage: 10), Rope, Camera, 1 Bedroom Condo (Ex), Answering Machine, Diamond/Vibranium Staff (Material Strength: Mn, Damage: 10), Leader's Gun (31 shots) - Amazing Strength entangling cables, Yellow Mustang Convertable with black top (Control: 6, Speed: 10, Body: 10, Protection: 2)

Contacts (ones likely known to current players): SHIELD, AEF, Alpha Flight, Fantastic Four, Journalism (TV), 3 others not known to all teammates.

Shin Ji Mar 24 '07 12:28am

Pulsar is encased in gray armor, not quite as bulky as the first Iron Man suit, but not quite as sleek as the classic golden avenger model either. The suit has larger than normal slits for the eyes, nose and mouth, allowing for easier breathing and vision at the expense of some protection.

The man who would one day become known as Pulsar always knew that he would grow up to become a mad scientist. He sought work with the highest technology he could get his hands on, and he was particularly interested in the inner workings of the human brain.

It was his goal to somehow enhance the electrochemical vibrations of the mind, to create a super-brain. To that end, he found work with AIM, working on one of their many mind-control devices. When a small amount of virbiranium found its way into the mix one day, he was astounded at the increased efficiency of the brain processes being simulated by computer. He soon found a way to have the computer enhancement inserted into his own brain, using one of his many robot helpers for the operation itself.

It was successful beyond his wildest dreams- he found himself a genius on a par with Reed Richards, or Doctor Doom, overnight! He had developed a perfect memory, as well as a particular genius for the development of battlesuits, a field he had no previous training in.

In addition to these mental changes, he found himself changing morally as well. How could he work with a terrorist group such as AIM, he asked himself. His eyes open, he resolved to resign. Bus as soon as he entered the room of his superior, he was apprehended for conducting unauthorized mental experiments.

Kicking and screaming, they dragged him down the long hallway to the surgery ward, planning to extract his brain for further study. None of his human co-workers responded to his cries, but one robot he had had a hand in creating, who was informally known as "Jim", helped him break free of the AIM thugs' grip. They dashed immedately to his personal quarters, where behind a hidden door, the Pulsar suit was revealed. Diving into it, Pulsar began to lay waste to the entire facility. Laser beams and energy weapons of all types simply fed his power, which he released as pure vibratory force, eventually leveling the complex.

Pulsar and Jim were on the run for some time after that, until they finally met with the AEF.

(Minor game note- I'm switching my Acrobatics talent for Scientist, given my background)

HackNslash Mar 24 '07 3:36am

Radical Warrior
Radical Warrior appears to be a human male in a black body suit. With Neon Green lightning Stripes down the sides and a green bolt for a crest, with green trimmed goggles covering his eyes.

Not much is publicly known about this hero. He first appeared at the scene of a robbery. Arriving just seconds before the AEF. He used his lightning speed to unleash some devasting charge attacks. Radical warrior along with Energystar and "The Captain" (if my memory serves me right) quickly wrapped up the scene.

They were impressed by the incredibly fast and amazingly agile mystery hero at the scene. He was invited to hang with the AEF and had become a regular at the scene of thier encounters. He has mainly downplayed his abilities, relying mostly upon his speed and agility. However when needed he has shown he is not just a speedster. Witnesses have stated he appears to be able to control the weather itself and is said to have felled criminals by a single touch.He's also been reported to be able to toss a few cars around here and there. Few can say they have seen much of this hero since he's gone almost as soon as you spot him.

Unusually, he has taken up residence at AEF headquarters but is not a member of the group. There is much speculation about this unusual set-up.

Shortly after a daring infiltration attempt (by alleged government henchmen) of thier headquearters (if my memory serves me correct we owe much thanks to the "cook" Bova on getting through that one) Radical Warrior began being extremly discreet with his actions and is usually long gone from the crime scene(thanks to an unusual fog patch) while the rest of the group hands the crooks over to local government.

His presence was not even brought up in any questioning in that above Tonya Fields
EDIT..please note that Radical Warrior has not been seen with any group for over 2 years(game time)
Probably one his most memorable exploits was his foot race vs a villian making a getaway on the Thruway on a motorcycle. Not sure how many accidents he left in his wake as unsuspecting motorists were passed by a man running by them at more than 100mph. The chase ended in a rest stop many miles later.

His most amazing public display of power was an amazing power stunt in which he caused a sonic boom(yes he broke the sound barrier**the dice loved me on that one**) shattering windows and deafening a building filled with a large amount of criminals they needed to wrap up quickly.

Sheridan Mar 25 '07 3:30am

The Captain
One of the founding members of the AEF, as well as it's first chairman, the hero calling himself simply The Captain modeled himself as a tribute to Captain America, who was believed to have been killed during the events that became known as the "Secret Wars". When Captain America turned up very much alive, The Captain kept his psedo-CA motif anyway. He is rumored to be a hero-worshipper of the original Captain America (big surprise there), and is one of several heroes rumored to be the love interest of the AEF's current leader EnergyStar. He weilds a shield which, although nowhere near as industructable as Captain America's, nor as skillfully weilded, is still an impressive weapon in his hands. He claims his red cape to have been the actual one worn by the Golden Age hero The Spirit of '76, a member of the Europe-based Crusaders during Wolrd War II. The Spirit Of '76 disappeared in the mid-1940's, shortly before the end of the war.
[In the Marvel Universe of this campaign, neither Captain America nor US Agent used this style costume, although both heroes do exist in this campaign world. For a visual of what The Captain looks like, imagine the picture at the top of this post, with the Spirit Of '76's cape, a pair of goggles over his eyes, and a rocket pack.

The Firkraag Mar 29 '07 6:15am
Beorn Brokkson
(secret identity)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 28, 1984

Eleven times in the last two decades - until recently those were the only reported sightings of the one they call the Maelstrom. The first time he appeared, he was maddened and reeling down the streets of Boseman, Montana, in the middle of a freak hailstorm of actual stones. Great destruction of property resulted. He was presumed to be a junky and to have died in the disturbance.

Each time the man of glass has been seen since that day, his appearances have been less dramatic and of much shorter duration. To those who follow such things, it is known that Maelstrom has twice now saved a life - once pulling a young girl from the wreck ofa car accident and the last time by suddenly appearing between a mugger and his victim to take the bullet. Each time he has disappeared without a trace.

Until recently that is, when he was discovered by the Avengers Experimental Franchise....

Meanwhile, in those same years a rugged man with Nordic features and an air of melancholy drifted around the United States, sometimes finding labour work for a while, sometimes haunting university libraries and then moving on.

MAELSTROMMaelstrom appears and disappears in a whorl of wind and dust. Under his power, things erode as if dunes in the desert and coalesce out of thin air in a twisting vortex. His glass-like body resists blows and energy, and even when it is broken and seemingly dead, his body resists change and slowly creeps back into the form with which it is familiar.

Tila Mar 29 '07 1:36pm

Cool! Looks like everything is in place Sheridan. Let's play!

hero4hire Apr 12 '07 10:05am


Real Name: Derek Lewis
Occupation: Amatuer Stuntmen
Identity: Secret
Legal status: American Citizen with multiple citations for Trespassing and Creating a Public Nuisance.
Other Aliases: Devil-Ray
Place of birth: Syracuse, NY
Group affiliation: Avengers Experimental Franchise
Base of operations: Mobile
First Appearance: AEF #3

History: Derek Lewis was always a little crazy. Braver then smart; kids where always able to dare young Derek to do almost anything. Jump off a 3 story building? Broke his collarbone doing that. Give the biggest guy in school an atomic wedgie. Broken nose.
It seemed Derek would be destined to either be a regular on Jackass, or die spectacularly.
While on a transatlantic cruise, his friends dared him to jump overboard into the icy cold waters at night.
Derek was game. One giant splash later, man overboard, lost at sea.
However Derek was not dead, the also presumed dead Dr. Dorcus rescued/kidnapped the Daredevil and began to use him as a human guinea pig for his DNA experiments. Fortunately for Lewis the hero known as Stingray raided Dorcus’ lair before the experiment took a fatal turn. During the ensuing battle a stray shot from Stingray’s blaster overloaded the machine Derek was hooked into. Freeing him but also catalyzing the DNA alteration process. Lewis joined the fray, he and Stingray managed to defeat the Doctor’s mutated Marine life. Dorcus himself got away.

Newell aka Stingray suggested Lewis use his powers as a Superhero, even presenting the man with a modified version of his Glider Wings specifically keyed to Derek’s power.

Never able to refuse a dare, Derek accepted, and now finds Heroing to be the Ultimate “rush”.

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Black

Known superhuman powers: Manta-Man can lift (press) about 7 tons at peak capacity. Radical alterations to his DNA have provided him with beneficial mutations to his physiology. He is an amphibian, and extracts oxygen from water and air with equal facility. His body has been adapted to withstand the oceanic depths, and his eyes are sensitive to the blue-green part of the spectrum enabling him to see clearly underwater. Additionally his body has virtually eliminated the production of lactic acid build up in his muscles. Enabling Manta-Man can operate at peak efficiency with little need for rest for several hours.
Manta-Man can also psionically control electrons. By altering the flow of electrons he can alter an electric charge, either diminishing or drastically increasing a charge.
Paraphenalia: Manta-Man wears a pair of mesh "wings" that enable him to use his Electrokinesis to Ionize the air, providing sufficent lift and propulsion to move him through the air at speeds of over 200 mph.

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