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Paragon Jul 29 '11 1:03am

4e Campaign Request
I've just recently been gifted the 4e DMG, PHBII, PHBI.

Curious if you would mind me running a 4e Campaign for Farland? Also, if you know any 4e players of Farland it would be fantastic if you could send them my way so we can organise a lil' Shindig.

DrMorganes Jul 30 '11 2:01pm

Farland is provided as a free to use campaign setting. Have at it!

As for finding players, either just post your ad or have a bit of discussion in [Game Planning] to gauge interest.

Blackrazor Jul 30 '11 5:48pm

Wait I paid $50 Dollars to use it ??!?!?!!? Damn you FARLAND! Damn you to HELL!

Farland Aug 7 '11 11:28pm

Haha, yes, Drmorganes is right.

Valthronis Nov 13 '12 9:54pm

How much difference is there between the 3rd ed material and the 4rth ed material? Also is the 3rd ed material still available? I ask because i would love to do a campaign, but i wont go anywhere near 4rth edition.


Farland Nov 15 '12 2:58pm

Absolutely. The whole 3e site is still available here:

Valthronis Nov 15 '12 7:40pm


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