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Prospero Jul 29 '11 3:19am

Luck in a PbP
Surely somebody around here has come up with a good solution to this....

The GURPS "Luck" advantage gives you rerolls of the dice for (something like) every hour of play. This assumes people sitting around a table playing.

How do you handle this in a PbP?

One could say that one knows about how much gets done in an hour of play, and when that much has happened the luck is recharged. One could trust the players to be fair about this, or the GM could declare when the luck has recharged. (That means extra keeping track for the GM, though, and could potentially also lead to gratuitous arguments.) Or, one could say that it recharges after a certain number of posts.

There are some genres (notably GURPS Action, which is really a sort of meta-genre) that really depend on Luck.

What have y'all done?

shawnhcorey Jul 29 '11 11:22pm

I saw something on this a long time ago but I can't remember where. I think it was on Steve Jackson Games forum. Let me see how good my Google Fu is.

shawnhcorey Jul 29 '11 11:32pm

OK, I found two, one on SJGames, the other on GiantITP.

I like the one from GiantITP: once per hour becomes once per day, once per session becomes once per week. Seems reasonable.

Oryzarius Jul 31 '11 6:00pm

Given the speed of most PbP games, I'd say "once per hour" sounds more like once per week, and "once per session" like once per month.

Humabout Aug 3 '11 10:16pm

IF you want something RAW, use the Game Time (+0%) enhancement from GURPS: Powers. That's my personal preference.

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