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Chemalle Aug 10 '11 5:24am

Pathfinder Society: The Official Myth Weavers Chapter

The Pathfinder fans have spoken!

Interest is at a fever pitch over on the Game Planning thread, and now the doors are being thrown open to the masses! If you haven't already, express your desire to join the Pathfinder Society here. But first, run over to the official Pathfinder Society home page and join up. It's free and painless, I promise!

Registering will generate a unique ID number for you. When you have this number in your grubby little hands, come back here and present that number in your post. Link it to your profile on Paizo's site. If I see a valid number, you get an invite. It's that simple, and it's probably the easiest application you've ever had to produce here on the Weave!

I am also always on the lookout for GMs willing to run scenarios! If you want to run simple, straightforward, and short mods, please let me know! The larger the stable of GMs, the more players we can support!

phiktional Aug 10 '11 5:38am

Ooh ooh Pick me!

I have no idea what i am going to play. Wish I had UM so I could play a Magus!

Pathfinder # 25473

Chemalle Aug 10 '11 5:49am

@phiktional: Full rules for the Magus can be found at

Do me a favor and link your number to your profile on Paizo's site. I just need to confirm your membership before sending an invite.

phiktional Aug 10 '11 5:55am

That should do it. And can I use the SRD as my only source for the class?

Chemalle Aug 10 '11 6:15am


Originally Posted by phiktional (Post 4660764)
That should do it. And can I use the SRD as my only source for the class?

Yep, it should contain everything you'll need.

phiktional Aug 10 '11 6:17am

Awesome. Imma get to building :D

Ack Aug 10 '11 6:33am

I am interested in seeing just how hard I can rock an Unbreakable sword & board fighter.

(Yes, I has Ultimate Combat. Yes, it is very cool).

DalkonCledwin Aug 10 '11 6:34am

hey guys thanks for the ad, do we just go ahead and hit the apply to the group button in the group forums?

Pathfinder # 28345

Skychaser1 Aug 10 '11 8:06am

Awesome so excited to see these boards up and running.

Pathfinder # 28075

PeteZero Aug 10 '11 9:43am

Great, brilliant, would love to join, depending on adventure might be a tetori monk.

Pathfinder # 2312

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