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EphPhoenix Oct 4 '11 2:21pm

Dead Alive Dead Alive game.
Here are the rules: Someone says how they die. The next person to post has to in the first part save that person, and in the next part kill themselves.


Poster1: I'm impaled on a sword.
Poster 2: But it's one of those fake plastic swords that retracts in itself. You're fine.

I shoot myself in the head.
Poster 3: With a cap gun.

I am crushed at several thousand feet down in the ocean.

So to start things off:

I'm subjected to the death by a thousand paper cuts.

akela122301 Oct 4 '11 7:24pm

But the bleeding is stopped with many, many, many bandaids.

I'm killed by a locomotive.

TanaNari Oct 4 '11 10:23pm

But it was an ambulance, so they revived you.

I'm stomped by godzilla.

akela122301 Oct 4 '11 10:27pm

But it was only a foam movie prop, so when it's lifted off of you, you're fine: Not even a hair out of place.

I'm dropped headfirst into Mt Kilauea.

Oryzarius Oct 4 '11 10:28pm

But the hot winds wafted you back upward to the rim, so you're fine.

I have fallen into a vat of sulfuric acid.

Aexicas Oct 4 '11 10:49pm

But you only suffer a mild chemical burn, as the vat is really only a crucible.

I get crushed by a piano.

TanaNari Oct 4 '11 11:01pm

But it only lands on your foot. The ambulance ride includes your driver getting distracted and running into akela.

I get struck by lightning while holding aproximately twenty pounds of C4.

akela122301 Oct 4 '11 11:30pm

Hey, wait a minute. I got TanaNari's before Oryzarius!!! I call FOUL!!!!!

Eh, whatever.

But what you think is C4 is really silly putty, and the lightning only knocks you on your rump for a month.

I am tossed into space by cosmonauts.

TheEpicNecropath Oct 5 '11 1:56am

Due to ineffective launch procedures you only go up 30 feet before coming back down.

The universe implodes on me.

Voxanadu Oct 5 '11 2:45am

One late paper is not the universe, stop being over dramatic.

This is the part where he kills me.

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