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Flea Jul 16 '11 8:20pm

Winged creatures begin flying through the doorway as the heroes begin to move in. Only John is left inside the cold room when the creatures move in after their new prey. They have had a day to become hungry again since they last feasted on the orc. Now they have a buffet of blood-filled juice pouches to choose from...

The fluttering of the strange creatures' wings are amplified slightly in this room, making it sound as if they are everywhere. Like the echo chamber they previously encountered, this room seems to be magically augmented to enhance sound -- just not to the same extent as the other room was. Quickly, a slightly bigger and darker one of the creatures pushes past the others, apparently wanting first selection. It immediately flies towards Vicky.

It stabs it's needle-like appendage into her, and then latches on with its talons. It slowly starts draining the kenku of her life-giving blood. The vampire-like parasite isn't gentle about it either. One of the smaller stirge flies in and steers clear of Vicky, perhaps afraid to go after the larger one's meal. Instead, it flies towards Jack Fox. It tries to feed on Jack, but it can't get through his armor. A second stirge also flies at Jack, intending to make a meal of the dragonborn. This one manages to find an opening and digs into Jack with it's proboscis and talons.

The last of the stirge flies into the room, and takes up a position near Vicky. It flutters there for a brief second as if trying to decide if it should risk feeding on the bird as well, but then decides against it and goes for the smaller meal. Perhaps because of its hesitation, Jarred is able to avoid the stabbing proboscis of the stirge.

Jymmi Jul 16 '11 9:03pm

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John takes a deep breath of the cold air as the other open the door. "So theses are the Stirges that might have killed those Orcs." John smiled as his bad mood seem to drift away.

Vyrwolf Jul 16 '11 9:18pm

Escape: Athletics vs. Fort:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 21)
struggles against his captor. "Kill the purple one first! Don't let it smite anyone!"

Flea Jul 16 '11 11:18pm

Jack manages to break free from the stirge attacking him, but not before a good bit of blood is drained from the dragon man.

Elwen Jul 17 '11 1:22am

Allyria draws her longsword and looks up at the swarming monsters. Time to see if this body is any good in a fight.. Channeling her new psionic energy into her blade, she swings it in a wide arc, causing small spikes of energy to fly out of her blade and into the swarm of stirges.

Elwen Jul 17 '11 1:24am

The attack is about to miss, but some glimmer of knowledge from a previous lifetime flashes across her mind, causing her to readjust her aim at the last minute:

eastc Jul 17 '11 2:43am

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Purple one, you got it boss," ZhuGuan says to Jack. Need some room first. ZhuGuan runs out of the room so he can put some force behind his blow. He runs back in with a roar, "Get off Vicky! She's my bird!"

Once again a black feather falls unnoticed with his attack. It looks as if could have come off of Vickey.

Flea Jul 17 '11 2:55am

eastc Jul 17 '11 3:02am

Flea Jul 17 '11 5:37am

Round 2 coming soon.

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