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Drowbane Oct 24 '11 4:48pm

Adventurers wanted!
Greetings Weavers, I welcome you to come explore the largest sandbox of all, the multiverse!

I am looking for a handful of small adventuring parties of all stripes. PCs parties may start off literally anywhere in the 'verse and champion any cause. For those not familiar with the planes I highly recommend starting somewhere in the Forgotten Realms.

Dominicius Oct 24 '11 5:08pm

Isn't a Gestalt Tome game a bit overkill?

The best way to represent a powerful race I've found is to first make a LA 0 representation of that race (the tome Theifling for instance) and then add in monster class like a Fiedish Brute or True Fiend if you wish to have a demon or a Monstrous Humanoid and Magical Beast for other monsters (the later two were made by Koumei and can be found here).

Wippit Guud Oct 24 '11 5:17pm

... would be my 2nd gestalt tome game I'm in :)

Drowbane: I'll ask right up front - Monster Makeover Beholder?. Don't know what ECL you'd assign to him, but I could work up a progression. Mind you, ebing a Tome game, ECL 13 works (just don't give him the Barrage Initiative until he levels?)

JCBarnes Oct 24 '11 5:17pm

Are you limiting the source material to just core (PHBI & II, DMG I & II, MMI-MMV), XPH and the tomes?

Zeldarian Oct 24 '11 5:33pm

Defiantly expressing interest in this, I have applied to a few gestalt games but haven't gotten into one yet.

evedgebah Oct 24 '11 5:33pm

I call the Rogue Modron! - Puppetteer || Warlock Techsmith.

Dominicius Oct 24 '11 5:40pm

Also, one thing you've forgot to mention. Is necromancy
I would prefer if it were evil...
evil in this setting or is it neutral?

Jreece Oct 24 '11 5:44pm

Wizard. I'll have a proper app in this evening (EST) when im home and have my books.

Siberys Oct 24 '11 5:56pm

Huge fan of the Planescape setting. Unfortunately, I'm off to an IRL game in a half hour, but after that I might put an app together.

kenas Oct 24 '11 6:55pm

Yeah, I'm gonna have to post interest in this one, DB has a history of running great games. I'm thinking Assimar Ur-Priest

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