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RotatingPanda Oct 27 '11 3:21am

Shades of Grey (OOC)
Questions, comments, concerns, out of character chat, favorite pasta dish, etc.

RotatingPanda Oct 27 '11 1:49pm

PureChance: I updated your character's speech color in the character's thread. Because it made me laugh.

PureChance Oct 27 '11 1:51pm

*chuckles* :)

PureChance Oct 27 '11 4:18pm

On the subject of Ability scores and Point Buy, Ashara Darell apparently has 24/22 points spent, and Thorn has only 17/22 points spent?

Also, Willow Groundrunner is forgetting to add the proficiency of her weapons onto her attack - should be at +5 (+3 Strength, +2 Proficiency, +0 Feat, +0 Enhancement) for Melee and +4 (+2 Dexterity, +2 Proficiency, +0 Feat, +0 Enhancement) for Ranged as far as I can make out?

noobiegameplayer Oct 27 '11 4:27pm

Yah, it's because I copied them over with my feat as Initiate of the Old Faith, so suddenly my Kukri were no long "proficient" so I lost those ...

I'll go through and confirm all the values tonight when I can get onto Hero Lab :)

Hmm ... that doesn't explain the Longbow though ... I'll check it out mate,


RotatingPanda Oct 27 '11 5:04pm

Good eye, PureChance. I'm trusting Avid and Random will fix those.

fooloftherandom Oct 27 '11 5:39pm

Ooo what points didn't I spend? Sorry new to Dnd 4e (last time I played was faaaar to long ago and it was a 1st edition campaign) so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing entirely lol

noobiegameplayer Oct 27 '11 6:11pm

Hi Random,

You didn't spend all of your points on stats :)

You have 5 stat points left to spend :)

If you don't have access to D&Di, look up 4e Point Buy calculator or a 4e online character generator to work out where you can spend them :)

Or you could ask someone on here, I'm sure we can help if you let us know what stats you'd like increased :)

fooloftherandom Oct 27 '11 6:25pm

Hahaha,, oo that makes sense,, I'll go back and check out the stats numbers,, if I know I'm short 5 points there, I can figure out the math end (oooo numbers lol)

Zellos Oct 27 '11 6:35pm

Yeah, I felt the same about the numbers and points so I just used the standard 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 array.

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