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Lucky number 13 Oct 28 '11 10:22pm

4 Lordless Realms
__________________________________________________________Serious Business__________________________________________________________

I am looking for up to 4 players to fill positions in a possibly unique game. Each player starts as a lord ruling over a small realm wherein they have complete control... Up to a point.
The point being how prepared you are to maintain and exercise that control. With brigands, goblins, undead, rampaging beasts, other lords and even those ridiculous elves getting in the way.

A lot of the campaign is still in production and will probably continue being like that all the way through to the end what with it being homebrewed to a large degree.

The game takes place across turns, which decide how many actions you will be able to carry out, though due to the nature of the game being more RP based you will only notice turns by way of the vents happening in game, rather than a Total War game turn system.

What I expect from players;
Frequent posting.
Attention to important detail.
Lack of really stupid choices.

What can be expected from me;
Frequent posting and updates.
A large amount of flexibility when it comes to less immutable facets of the game.
A random approach to everything.
And so much more.

I have probably messed up a large amount of this ad, because I have never made one before so any questions or criticisms are welcome if not appreciated.

NM020110 Oct 28 '11 11:12pm

Are the lord classes still being homebrewed, out of curiosity?

Lucky number 13 Oct 29 '11 12:18am

No I suck at homebrewing classes.

Everything else though is well within my capability, usually.

NM020110 Oct 29 '11 12:24am

Alright, then. I was just starting to get my hopes back up when I saw them mentioned in the ad...

kcho Oct 29 '11 12:30am

This is a silly question, since you've already got a map... I'm a fan of the Patrick O'brien novels (that the movie Master and Commander was based on) and in them ships are described as being floating city. They have lots of people, each with their own jobs, places they live, and hierachy and structure analogous to a city.

Would you be interested in an application where most of the towns represented ships, instead of actual towns? So, like, there would be one actual coastal village, one big ship of the line, then some smaller functional ships, making something like a pirate nation.

Lucky number 13 Oct 29 '11 12:36am

That... will take some thinking...

Of course you could just take a coastal realm and have all your settlements on the sea, maybe a single port village and say the rest of the realm is mostly wilderness...

One of the in game crunches is the players own choice of settlement (capital, towns and villages) locations so its a possibility.

KingGoblin Oct 29 '11 12:45am

Posting interest. The concept looks fun.

Lucky number 13 Oct 29 '11 12:50am

And unless I fail I deem it shall be so.

chaoticnemisis Oct 29 '11 1:45am

I am SOOOO in. I can imagine it now. An "assassin"(not the class, as I don't like being evil) lord with an "assassin" royal guard. I REALLY LIKE this concept. Love to work on an assassin like lord class. I really want to specialize in wielding multiple hidden blades. I WANT to take the shadow dancer PrC later. Is that okay?

Lucky number 13 Oct 29 '11 1:49am

If it can be explained to me without me realising how potentially game breaking it is then sure.

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