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phoerix Nov 6 '11 11:56pm

OOC Thread
I do not know how I forgot to place this up, but here it is.The Answer thread is pretty complete now too, so enjoy everyone.

phoerix Nov 7 '11 2:12am

Whoever reads this (and only to them) you may reroll until you have a net total +5 ability modifier. That is all. For now.

EDITED: Changed +6 to +5 modifier....

Hallack Nov 8 '11 3:29pm

Where are the rest of the gnomes? You folks out there really going to let Tosc be the progenitor of various gnomish bloodlines? :)

Oengus Nov 8 '11 3:47pm

My orcs would be OK with that. :grin:

Ipphli Nov 8 '11 4:09pm

I'm surprised no one else has made an ogre. Of course, having just one ogre boss works just fine for me :D

Hallack Nov 8 '11 4:30pm

I figure folks will tend to migrate to a few of the races leaving others a bit less represented by players. LOL, maybe gnomes and ogres will have to start a mutual protection association and end up restructuring future expectations hehe,.

Ipphli Nov 8 '11 4:33pm

Wait, why would ogres need gnomes for protection? I'm confused....

Siberys Nov 8 '11 5:57pm

I think we're pretty light on a lot of races. Déorhild seems to be the only Dwarf we've got floating around at the moment, and I see no halfling apps at the moment.

Actually having looked back at the General Applications and the Races sub-forum we have:

4 Humans
1 Gnome
3 Elves
2 Orcs
1 Ogre
0 Halflings
1 Dwarf

phoerix Nov 8 '11 6:00pm

If this trend remains the same, I'll probably have the humans in one group, the elves in one group (possibly with the gnome) and either everyone else together, or all separate, depending on how the players feel.

XCodes Nov 8 '11 7:56pm

Hmm... I kinda wanted to create the Killoren race... and my character has an Elf-specific feat...

Meh, we've got time still, I think... I might be interested in moving my app over from the Elves to the Halflings.

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