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Selwyn Nov 8 '11 3:33pm

You guessed it.

Selwyn Nov 10 '11 4:07am

Woking twelve hours tomorrow. Check in tomorrow night. After Big Bang Theory :)

Ostrich Rage Nov 11 '11 3:32am

Where you want sheets posted?

Selwyn Nov 11 '11 4:17am

Character Creation thread is fine. We'll fine tune them there.

Ostrich Rage Nov 12 '11 4:19pm

Okay was gonna go Chaplain but since one isn't on the Helo I think I'll go for pilot who is a Pastor in his civilian job.

organizedChaos Nov 12 '11 5:37pm

Hello Yami! Hello Selwyn

Glad to be aboard.

Try to post some ideas later this evening.

Ostrich Rage Nov 12 '11 6:47pm

If you want the pilot slot then I'll go co-pilot or crew chief.

organizedChaos Nov 12 '11 7:50pm

Oh crap I'm sorry - I saw the Pastor info in the other thread and decided to go pilot.

I can easily change mine to Co-Pilot - no need to worry about it.

Selwyn Nov 12 '11 8:27pm

Are you both decided on Pilot and Co-Pilot?

organizedChaos Nov 12 '11 8:39pm

I suppose that doesn't get us much variation in skill sets...

I will think on it - maybe I'll take one of the MPs instead and have him be a weapons specialist or detective in training!

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