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DannoE Nov 24 '11 11:26am

Tanner's Tortured Teepee
Hey Riku,

This is Tanner's private thread.

Riku8745 Nov 24 '11 4:42pm

His name is Tarner, not Tanner. Tee Ay Are Enn Eey Are. :)

DannoE Nov 24 '11 5:28pm


Originally Posted by Riku8745 (Post 5025795)
His name is Tarner, not Tanner. Tee Ay Are Enn Eey Are. :)

Argh. Gonna misspell that a few dozen times in the first 6 months, I can already tell.

Riku8745 Nov 24 '11 5:39pm

Heh, I come close to misspelling it too XD I think of it like how metal will tarnish.

DannoE Nov 27 '11 11:57pm

History (success):
What Tarner can tell about these gates at about 20 yards away is that they display the typical strengths and weaknesses of drow war-construction. Which is to say that they are very strong against magical assault but not nearly so good against a strong, physical pounding. Iron is a magically inert compound, so blasting them almost certainly won't work. However, even iron gates are only so strong as their cross-bar. Moreover, black iron is HEAVY. So the the crossbar here is probably wooden. Maybe heavy wood, but still. You should be able to pound it with a few good strokes... if you can get close enough.

DannoE Dec 22 '11 1:01pm

Tarner has little trouble finding books about demons. In fact, there is an entire section of the library focused on the Demonweb and its denizens--and plenty more besides.

Riku8745 Dec 22 '11 3:48pm

A book with the names of different demons would be ideal; Like a sort of master-list of demonry. Other than that, a book focusing on possessions would work great.

DannoE Dec 23 '11 8:11pm

Ah. Sorry. I missed your response.

Alright, I'll get back to you about this later this weekend.

Riku8745 Dec 23 '11 8:15pm

Although, it seems like this book will work fine! XD

DannoE Dec 23 '11 9:09pm

Good. 'Cause that's what you got.

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