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lordyoshi01 Dec 6 '11 12:58am

The most childishly hilarious insult
As we all know, there are children on the internet. Some may or may not be old enough to be considered an adult but they might tell you something so childish that a child would've thought of something better.

I had the pleasure of watching a scathing review of a good game, and after taking note of all of the reviewer's points as to why it was bad, I came back with telling him how every one of his points are wrong in "almost" proper college fashion. I am a college student after all.

Then he called me a nerd and told me to get laid... :D That was the most hilarious thing I've heard all day.

Because in the video he posted, he looked older than me and he insulted me in a way that I have to applaud my childhood bullies because I've heard better retorts from elementary students. Because this man didn't even just tell me to shut up or just ignore me, he had taken the time to write up those two unimaginative insults and clicked send. Coming from a guy who posted over ten minutes of complaining about a game he clearly didn't even understand (plus however long it took to make some amateur video editing), there were people in the comments were telling him to get laid.

It didn't really matter if he said anything back, because I had fun tearing his arguments apart. But just having that little cherry, that one bit of satisfaction from reading that message made me happy.

TanaNari Dec 6 '11 1:03am

Well, at least the calling people gay thing has started to slip in popularity. That one's got nothing left in the tires.

Magius Dec 13 '11 11:58am

it seems 'yo mama' jokes are still in.

Hammerfist Dec 13 '11 12:39pm

People have called Hammie 'racist and sexist' on several occasions, usually when someone gets a mix of anger and internet courage.

Enough children and young adults have learned that dropping terms that aren't politically correct tend to invoke a warped version of Godwin's law.

Magius Dec 14 '11 11:57am

It always happens. Ive been called 'bitch' too often... Its cynic, dont you guys know the difference??

World of L_Tiene Dec 16 '11 5:31am

I used to be a proffessional troll. I even wrote the beginners manual for trolling, fact.

I'll point out though, that even engaging someone with a dumb argument and horrible wit does in fact make you every bit as bad because you're just adding to the pile of nonsense.

This is fine (on a cosmic level) if you're doing it for your own amusement (though kinda douchey) but terribly inexcusable if you actually think you're right and are trying to change/correct someone else's way of thinking.

Engaging at all makes one every bit as much the troll, hence, "report, don't respond" on MW, because you're just adding fuel to the fire. This process is also known as feeding the trolls. NEVER DO IT. Under no circumstances will you ever achieve any sort of progress with a skilled troll, and even if someone "seems" dumb, it's entirely possible they are just playing stupid to yank your chain and see what they can get away with.

Just sayin.

On the opposite side though, I'm not just a former professional troll, I later became a consultant to train moderators of forums on how to deal with trolls and also ran plenty of my own message boards in days of old, so I very thoroughly understand all sides of the issue ;)

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