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Naturax Dec 17 '11 4:38pm

Super Powers
"When I- when I pass take my ring to my Father. Tell him it worked. And, ha- take some of my hair if you would be so kind... I-"

The half-elf was wearing only a single ring: a simple bronze affair, an apparent trinket for someone of his likely wealth and influence. His papers were easy to find too, in a leather wallet in his inside pocket, along with a small pocketbook.

ShadowBright Dec 18 '11 1:06pm

Good point!

perilous pink Nov 14 '12 10:54pm

Let's say Dazzle gave the ring to Iliana! And she can return it to dude's father??? :-D

Naturax Nov 15 '12 3:16am


ShadowBright Nov 15 '12 7:25pm

Well remembered!!

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