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Ruben Dec 19 '11 1:50am

Character Creation Thread
I'm starting a thread so you guys can hash out all your chargen stuff. Then we'll archive it. You have a chance to make a runner team as an actual group, instead of by application.

Chimi Dec 19 '11 5:25am

Okay, crew, let's call out archetype interests here, hash out who does what.

For ideas that are already bubbling, I have a couple, and enough small seeds that whatever needs filling in I can probably do.

One is an Ogre Chaos Mage, covering general Mojo. Early thirties, over-weight, balding, but lots of fun, charismatic. Hawaiian shirts, good food, generally joyful guy.

Another, on the Matrix/Information Gathering side, would be a Technomancer Info Savant, who sees the Matrix through a more mystical lens. Meditation, Digital Mandalas, digging deep into the Resonance and pulling out the weirder stuff, finding info that's actually been deleted from the real world, tracking trends, and coming up with info more like an oracle than a cyber-sleuth. Quiet, mostly, very internal.

perilous pink Dec 19 '11 5:50am

I reeeeeally want to be the punchy-hitter type. Leo: white girl, mid-twenties. One of those friendly-but-haunted numbers. Solid work ethic, relatively laid back, with a decent sense of humour. More to come.

Ruben Dec 19 '11 5:59am

I think folks will let you take that spot. You thinking adept, cyberware, or bioware?

perilous pink Dec 19 '11 6:09am

It would be AMAZING if folks would let me take that spot.

My first instinct was cyberware, but now I'm kind of thinking she'd prefer bioware for the sake of helping maintain a low profile.

ShadowBright Dec 19 '11 12:22pm

I'd like to go Thief. Small time stage magician/illusionist turned thief. Main weapons: sleight of hand, midirection.

edubs Dec 19 '11 9:23pm

SB, do you mean magician or magician? What kind of stage acts would an Awakened world have? Seems like an interesting concept to explore.

I prefer magicians and know the rules better for them than other types. I usually do manip/illusion spells and stealth, but seems SB is picking up that end of the work. That said, SR tends to involve a lot of stealth work, so splitting that up a bit and having a little redundancy isn't bad.

Chimi, we def need tech support. I don't really care to learn all the ins/outs of a technomancer right now, but they seem cool. I vote you go with that if you are leaning in that direction already.

I could have a magician more focused on astral projection and conjuring than spell slinging. He could provide support in both recon and stealth work. I kind of like that angle. I'm flexible with group needs though.

Background wise, I was thinking maybe a more ideologically bent character, maybe a TerraFirst or Ork Underground 'activist.' Need to kind of build that up a bit. Are we going to be from the same general area, like before, or are we a pan-Metroplex party?

Ruben Dec 19 '11 9:52pm

Your characters don't have to be Seattle natives for this game, they only need to live in or around Seattle. It's at least pan-metroplex in scope.

edubs Dec 19 '11 10:37pm

Okay. I think we need to focus the group a bit more before we all run off into our own ideas. We should be neighbors or colleagues or share some extra curricular activity. One thing is that we could all be in a policlub like TerraFirst or all be from a community like the Plastic Jungles (are my green sympathies starting to show?) or Council Island or the Ork Underground or all be connected to the same former employer (other than the one we are hunting) or just be old college buddies or something...I'm open to ideas, but want to set them out before I think too much about my character's background.

I'm liking the idea of a magician with some kind of social/political cause as motiviation. Probably stick to the Norse tradition, since I know enough about it to give the character some depth. Was contemplating a dryad or changeling character. Was also thinking of modifying the tradition a little to create a Vanatru tradition more focused on divination and nature (swapping out some spirit types and using intuition instead of Charisma for drain)...but I'm probably getting ahead of myself there.

Let's get the group ideas sorted first.

perilous pink Dec 19 '11 11:03pm

My character is not college educated and does not have political/activist inclinations. Soz.

Is it really necessary for ALL the PCs to know one another in advance of being brought together in game? Might it be enough for there to just be connections between each individual PC and maybe one or two others?

Like, in <this one game> my PC was only initially befriended by Ruben's PC, but just that one tie was more than enough to secure her to the group.

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