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Jreece Dec 19 '11 10:05pm

Approved Characters for Play
Note: this does not include cohorts unless you see their name beside yours:

Xuluit Zilil, Tristram -- Evedgebah
Jaezred,Errevin -- TravelLog
Ned'Cirannis, Gul -- Ikul
Golhyrr an'Falann -- Wippit Guud
Gthshulaj -- Kenas
Vel'drizyne -- LKA

Pending Approval
Belar -- Aragorn
Illivarra -- Mishra

And all Cohorts not listed above.

If you think one of your cohorts or PC is ready to go, but not on this list, post here, I will check it over the next 24h, and either add it here, or comment on your thread why it is not approved yet.

Aragorn Dec 20 '11 12:16am

Both my Cohorts are ready to go. As far as I know. The only thing to change would be items.

Jreece Dec 20 '11 12:32am

Cohorts arent being approved till Pcs are. (working down the list of priority so to speak)

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