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Flea Dec 30 '11 6:36pm

Water Pillars
His curiosity getting the better of him, when some of his companions head into the water pillar room, Jared decides to take his everburning torch down to the end of the hallway to have a peek. His light source isn't as bright as Vicky's sun rod, and he can't see any further down the hallway leading north. He does get a better view of the hallway heading to the east. It just seems like another long hallway as far as his halfling eyes can see. He looks back towards the others to see that everyone except Vicky, Malklyr and Allyria have gone into the room.

While John has stripped naked again and is bathing in the water from the pillar to the north, Guan and The Situation have entered the room as well. Guan goes about filling his waterskin while the Situation moves to the center of the room and stares at the open door not far away. Until John, Jared or Vicky move closer to the doorway, he won't be able to see much further. He looks over at Guan who has finished filling his waterskin and is having a look around the room.

Guan tries to use his wild talent to listen at the doorway, but the sound of rushing water is very loud in this room. In fact, they find themselves having to shout back and forth just to communicate, and even then it is still hard to hear over the flowing waters. While this is a nice and refreshing place, hearing anyone approach this room would be a nightmare. The pillars are wide at the bottom, but they seem to narrow at the top where the water comes from. Looking at the ground, there is no real collection of water, and no holes for the water to drain into the earth. It almost seems as though the water is being absorbed back into the pillars when it gets to the bottom. The pillars show no signs of erosion, or other water damage. No mildew, fungus, rust or limestone deposits are seen on the pillars or where the water vanishes from. The water smells fresh and clean and seems to have no effects on John aside from getting him clean. As best as Guan can tell the water here is safe for drinking or whatever else they need the water for.

Aside from the pillars, this room is otherwise empty. Or at least that's what they think at first. Quickly John learns otherwise. He isn't quite done bathing when it happens. His clothes and weapons are in a pile next to him when a massive shadow suddenly appears from behind the pillar he is next to. The attack comes too fast for anyone to react to it. A massive club smashes into John's naked body sending him flying through the air. He crashes to the ground. Vicky, The Situation, and Guan all turn to look and see that a large, but slender ogre has squeezed out from behind the pillar that John was bathing from. How it fit there is hard to imagine.

John lays broken and bleeding on the ground. It is almost surprising that he survived the assault, especially without any of his gear. The ogre howls at the heroes, overpowering the sounds of falling water. It is obvious that he is about to attack again, though it is hard to tell who he will go after.
"Is anyone else getting hungry again?" Jared asks down the hallway, but his words aren't heard by those in the room.

eastc Dec 30 '11 7:29pm

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan turns at the sound of fighting. "Vicky! Get the others! John's in trouble," the half-elf shouts, "... again." He then readies his glaive and charges into the voyeuristic ogre who could've jumped John much earlier (and not the good kind of jumping).

"Check for others in here!" He shouts at the others. "There may be more hiding!"

Jymmi Dec 31 '11 1:45am

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Surprised John looks over at the force that hit him and sees the ogre. Getting to his feet a flash of anger crosses his face. John raises his hand and shouts "Come to my side Πάγος μαχαίρι." John focuses his mind and swings his blade.

Dice Roll: 1d10+5
d10 Results: 8 (Total = 13)

Ayeba Dec 31 '11 8:05am

Vicky is first surprised by John's sudden action, then looks completely dumbstruck as he started undressing. Something about the scene -- a naked undead elf deciding to take a bath in a dangerous place, where not even the water might be safe -- just doesn't appeal to her. She looks down and away, embarrassed. A bit of it might be the fact that he is naked, but mostly she feels it is just so stupid she doesn't know where to start.

She is surprised a second time of the ogre. It is faster than her, managing to hurt John badly before she can react. "Ogre!" she shouts to the others in the hallway. With a few quick steps, she is standing in front of the frighteningly tall ogre. "Here, ugly," she calls to it, hopefully catching its attention. If it hits John a second time, he'll be dead -- or even more dead -- again.

m00ndragon Dec 31 '11 11:18am
Unable to find any characters in game 9225

"WTF? yooooo where did this gay mofo come from man? looking at the ogre molesting john as he showered." LETS GET THIS ON MANNNN!" as Mike moves towards the new adversaray.

Flea Dec 31 '11 4:40pm

After Vicky's successful attack, the ogre gets a strange look on his face. It looks like he's about to speak, but then the Situation comes up and takes a swing at him. The monk from the Jersey Shore misses with his attack, and then the giant bellows out in the only two languages he knows, "
Parsley! Parsley!
something in a foreign language Parsley! Parsley!"

Jymmi Dec 31 '11 5:29pm

'Parsley? John blinks from the mist hitting his face and realizes that he's trying to say parley. John yells over the water "Put down your weapon and we'll talk about your parley."

Flea Jan 1 '12 6:54pm

The ogre looks around confused for a moment. He thought he heard someone accept his plea, or at least try to... stupid people can't even say parsley right, he thinks. But as he looks around he can't
John made himself invisible to the ogre until next turn.
identify where or who the voice came from. He looks around again, but decides he must have imagined the whole response. He looks around again to see if these humanoids are going to acknowledge his cry for parsley.

Jymmi Jan 2 '12 12:37am

Ayeba Jan 2 '12 12:55am

"Parsley?" Vicky asks, a bit bewildered, "as in the herb?"

She looks towards the corridor to see if Jared shows up soon. Perhaps there might be some parsley in that basket of his.

"Can we take a short break so you can explain what you want?" she asks,
Since I've already made the attack for this round, this does not actually have any effect until I see how the big guy reacts on his nex turn.
holding back her attack.

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