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Phantasmagoria Jan 6 '12 3:45pm

Unlimited ??? Works
Here's how you do this one.
You need to watch Unlimited Blade Works to understand it.
A character called Archer chants this to produce what is known as one of the most epic fight scenes in anime history:

I am the bone of my sword
Steel is my body and fire is my blood
I have created over a thousand blades
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
Have withstood pain to create many weapons
Yet, those hands will never hold anything
So as I pray, unlimited blade works.

Now, make a parody!

I'll start with one that was handed into an English poetry exam. (Not by me, I swear it.)

I am the bone of my essay,
Procrastination is my body, and caffeine is my blood.
I have ignored over a thousand deadlines.
Unknown to spellcheck, nor known to passing grades.
Have withstood responsibility to fail many classes,
Yet those classes with never teach anything.

Magius Jan 11 '12 12:14pm

thats just 2 funny!

NM020110 Jan 18 '12 1:45am

I need a bit of a break from trying to build a planet, so I'll bite. No quality guaranteed.

I am the hand of my pen,
Matter is my body, and time is my blood.
I have watched over a thousand worlds,
Unknown to Endings, Nor known to Beginnings,
Have withstood failure to create fabrics,
Yet these hands will never hold blood,
So as I create, Infinite World Forges.

Magius Jan 19 '12 11:20am

NM020110, do you mind if i use that as my sig? I <3 it. Its creepy yet cool.

Phantasmagoria Jan 19 '12 11:24am

I am the bone of my Mojo,
Testosterone is my body, and beer is my blood,
I have hit over a thousand babes,
Unaware of "Moe",
Nor known to "Kawaii"
Withstood pain to deal with manliness,
Yet these hands will never fap to anything,

Phantasmagoria Jan 19 '12 11:28am

I am the bone of my sleigh
Peace is my body, and good will is my blood
I have created over a thousand gifts
Unknown to the naughty
Nor known to the nice
Have withstood pain to create many gifts
Yet those hands will never hold anything

NM020110 Jan 20 '12 5:28pm

Go right ahead.

Incidentally, that's the first time that I've been asked that question, so congratulations.

Acatalepsy Jan 22 '12 7:33pm

From Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.


Originally Posted by Less Wrong
I am the core of my thoughts
Belief is my body
And choice is my blood
I have revised over a thousand judgments
Unafraid of loss
Nor aware of gain
Have withstood pain to update many times
Waiting for truth's arrival.
This is the one uncertain path.
My whole life has been...
Unlimited Bayes Works!

Cnyperos Jan 28 '12 3:52am

I am the bone of my IHOP
stubborness is by body and emotion my blood
I have created over a thousand pieces of bacon
Unknown to sleep, Nor known to tire
Have withstood boredom to create many paychecks
Yet those jobs will never crush me
So as I pray, let me Roleplay!

NM020110 Feb 7 '12 4:23am

Bored again...this one needs more love...

I am the pen of my hand.
Paper is my body, and ink is my blood.
One thousand books have I written.
Unknown to Truth, nor to Falsehood.
Have withstood wrath to create knowledge.
Yet, these pages will never contain understanding,
So as I write, The Great Library.

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